“Its What’s on the Inside That Counts” Sunday Trip Part Deux

You didn’t think I’d keep you waiting too long did you?:)

Purses.  A girl can never have too many.

Ooohhhhh, I love Love!  Melie Bianco Brown Oversized Purse, $7.99.  Gotta love the polka dot party on the inside:)

This purse has TWO great parts:

1) The bottom has a zipper all along it that you can unzip to make it BIGGER, kinda like luggage you bring to the airport.  Its about time they crossed over that technology.  Now I’ll never have to worry about finding anything ever again!  Actually, I made sure it had enough pockets on the inside and out to take care of that problem:)  Not a fan of one pocket big purses.

2) The long strap is adjustable, so it doesn’t always have to look all hipster like like that.  But it can if I want it to.  That’s how the adjustable thing works, if you didn’t know already. 

Now, a Goodwill miracle happened while I was looking at this purse at the counter (yes, this purse was so nice they had it BEHIND the counter:), a lady worker came up to me and said

“I’ll give it to you for $7”. 

‘Exsqueeeze me?” (I replied in the voice of Jack McFarland from Will and Grace).

I guess good things do happen to good people. 

I hadn’t even asked for a better price!  The asking price of 9.99 was PERFECTLY reasonable for me.  But I wasn’t one to argue, $7 it was and not a dollar more!  Except when the lady ringing me up said that by $7 she meant $7.99.  I argued then.  I get it from my mom. And then I stopped.  Someone just gave me a discount for no reason.  Quit while you’re ahead, Jaime.  I learned that from my mom as well:)

Anyway, in all reality, I have been VERY proud of myself over the past year.  I dont think I have bought ONE new purse. (And by new, of course i’m including from Goodwill- its new to me:)

Proving to you that my nose did not just grow.  Coincidentally also proving that the quality self portraits are clearly not an important part of this blog.  

Also, the sweater in this picture was a purchase from yesterday, a longer knit cardigan, 5.99. 

There it is.

But really, this last year has not been normal for me, I think I pursed myself out in 2010.  I used a purse I bought last december for aWHILE and when I got sick of it, used this past find at Goodwill for the rest of the time:

100% leather Medium sized purse from The Gap.  Also pretty on the inside. 

**Sidenote- A little ink on leather removal tip- the day I bought this I was wearing a new apparently cheap shirt (sorry, Target) and the purple ink rubbed off all over one side of the purse.  Not very nice.  So I looked up online how to remove ink and it said to spray hairspray on it.  It worked!  So keep that in mind. 

I GUESS they assume people who can buy 100% leather purses from The Gap can also afford shirts where the ink will not rub off on them.  Well, you know what they say about assumptions!  Well, they’re assumptions, that’s all.  They’re not fact.

Purse #2

Large Teal emille m. Purse.  again, way to go with the ‘business on the outside, party on the inside’ emille:) I like.


The same magical price negotiation happened with this purse.  “I’ll give it to you for 14” she says, (which we know I later learned meant 14.99….whatever cashier lady, I still took it. Still better than $19.99).  I’d like to think it was just my lucky day, but maybe it is because I spend half my income at that store, and people are beginning to notice.  Either way.  I’m fine with that.

So to get back to the title of this post, both of these purses are prettier on the inside, and I know it will put a little smile on my face every time I go in there.  So remember men everyone out there; no matter how beautiful or not beautiful you find someone, its what is on the insde that counts.  Truly.  No one likes a pretty girl or guy with a stinky attitude.  Just sayin’.  I think we can say that is pretty universally true.

Now, this bracelet is just pretty:

I’ve had this bracelet for about five years.  I got it at my hometown Goodwill for I think $2.99.  And I love it just as much today as I did when I got it.  Unfortunately, signs of aging are beginning to show, kind of like its owner:) 

Inside!  Inside!!

I’ve got to remember that:)

One last item:

Cute little key holder wall art thing.  But, I have two roommates, and I didn’t think they would like this very much, so I passed. 

Well, I’m off to hopefully check out a movie with the boy.  I’m so out of it, I don’t even know what is in theaters anymore.  Is Bridesmaids still out?  Oh, no, that’s right, its currently in my VCR on repeat.  Did I just say VCR?  wow.  Alzheimer’s is setting in early.  You’ll have to forgive these age comments, my birthday was only 6 days ago.  I need some time. 

Happy Monday all!  And happy Goodwill shopping!  Go out and support your Goodwill’s local mission and your local shopping habit. 

Are you a purse fanatic?  Or do you prefer to keep it simple?

What good movies have you seen lately?