Dream….about mugs from Goodwill and other things…


Orange ceramic mug, textured, .99

I love tea bags with inspirational messages on their strings.

And I love cheap cute mugs at Goodwill for .99.


I don’t usually need a reminder to do said dreaming, but it is always nice that the encouragement is out there.

Dream, dream big dreams and dream things that only you would.  And work towards it.  Give it to the world and see what happens.

Sorry I don’t have a picture of the whole mug on here, I just wanted to snap this inspiration and post it on instagram (@findbeautyinallthings) but I will maybe do a post with all the cute mugs (like 5 or so of them…?) that I have obtained from Goodwill, and that I love drinking out warm things out of, and eating cold things….cold creamy things…ice cream.  I’m talking about ice cream 🙂

This tea was chamomile lavender.  Quite nice, but not as good as I thought it would be, but I added a little skinny girl agave sweetener and then it was just right.

I’m trying to be better about drinking things like tea instead of maybe soda, beer, or coffee…but never instead of wine, never that.

Happy thrifting and living,

❤ Jaime


My Latest Pinspiration

My Latest Pinspiration

Dress- Goodwill, .99
Boots- Goodwill, $10/20ish
Scarf- Plato’s closet, $6

I recently mentioned I have finally started using pinterest, mostly because I finally found a specific use for it.

Things in life like Pinterest tend to daunt me because I don’t know where to go first, so something like pinterest, that most people would assume is right up my crafting alley, I just stay away from.

Until a few weeks ago.

Until I was unable to figure out how to coordinate all the wonderful items I had accumulated in my closet, largely thanks to Goodwill.

Pinterest to the rescue

A quick type of ‘outfit ideas’ in the search box, and voila. Hundreds of outfit ideas at my fingertips, literally. So I scroll quickly through, looking for two things- outfits I like, and items I already have in my closet. It’s kind of fun.

The only dangerous part is finding too many only part a’s ;). So far I’ve stuck with focusing on both and using just what I have!

As you can see, I will add my own little twist, but for the most part this outfit was a direct copy- large cardigan sweater, short black dress, brown belt, brown boots. I wore a scarf and leggings because, well, it was 9 degrees when I woke up this morning. I think y’all will forgive me 🙂

The dress I got last summer for .99….yeah, at Goodwill, and the boots last winter for $10-20, I can’t completely remember, at Goodwill.

What do you do to get out of a Fashion rut/block??

-Jaime ❤


My Sanctuary- with $4.49 Tiled Garden Table








tiled garden table, Half-off for $4.49

This is my front porch.

Lovely place, wouldn’t you say?

I agree.

However, I haven’t hung out here much since I moved here July 1.  I don’t know why.

But I was at Goodwill this past Saturday- I stopped in for half-off day (which takes place the first Saturday of every month in my area- make sure you check your local Goodwill specials as everywhere is different!!)  It’s usually pretty crazy, but they staff it well so that it doesn’t take too long once you get in line, and I found this awesome tiled garden table.

It was priced at $8.99, so I got it for half at $4.49.  Not bad at all.

I love the bright, fun tile pattern.

As soon as I got home, I put it on my porch, and immediately sat out there with a glass of wine and a homemade harvest salad (bleu cheese, apples, almonds and mushrooms and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing)  It was as good as it sounds, yes.

And I sat out there again yesterday.

I guess all my porch needed was a table.

And I am loving it.  Somehow theres just enought shade, that even in 90+ degree hotness, I still feel okay out there for a little bit.  Maybe the table is a little magical too.  Maybe.

That’s Goodwill for ya.  Showing ya things you never knew you always needed.  For less.


Live the life you’ve always dreamed.  Go ahead

Weekend Wisdom…on a Tuesday- How Much Are You Living?

Hi!  So I haven’t been doing SO awesome on the weekend wisdom posts, I’ll admit.

I’ve missed a couple weeks.

And today is Tuesday.

These are good points.  I am going to continue anyway….here goes.

Do you want to be happy?

No?  Well then you should probably not read the insight I am about to impart.

“Life is not about how much you’re MAKING (pretty much what 99.999% of the population worries about), it’s about how much you’re LIVING.”

(I came up with that all on my lonesome.  Unless someone is here to tell me I stole it.)

The two do not go hand in hand.

They don’t.

Don’t argue with me.  It’s true.

I don’t make a lot of money.

There, I said it.

(Although even if I did, I imagine and am fairly certain I would still be the millionaire shopping at a thrift store)

HOWEVER, I have PLENTY of fun.

Plenty of life and living happening in my general vicinity.

Ask my Mom.  She worries a good amount.

Look around you.  The world is a wonderful place full of opportunities for adventure, and YOU were born with unique passions and desires that WILL fulfill you.  Even if they are expensive desires, there are ways to fulfill them thriftly.  Where there’s a <Good>will there’s a way. (Didya see what I did there?? :))

As Robert Stevenson said, “The world is full of a number of things, we should all be as happy as Kings.”

And as a wonderful plaque that I purchased at Goodwill puts it,

“Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.”

Maybe a little harsh :/, but you get the point.

Don’t starve, live life, to the fullest.

Anyway, so often we worry about what we make and how we can make MORE (I find myself doing this too much), that it seems like that is what life is about.  But you can have all the money in the world, and still not be living.

Go take a spontaneous road trip to that cool town an hour and a half away.  Just walk around with a local coffee if you can’t afford to eat at the restaurants or bars.  Soak in the culture.  Sit on the corner and beg, I don’t care.

Take a hike.  (but please come back and read my blog still at some point.  that was not meant to offend)

Go camping.

Watch waterfalls.

Paint a picture.

Go shopping.  At a thrift store.

Buy a groupon for something fun.  Scout Mob is a great phone app as well for major cities.

I could go on.  And I have, in my posts.

And if you read my blog ever, I’m sure you will get plenty of fun and cheap ideas.

Anyway, stop worrying about how much you’re making and go out and live life.  Do you really need a new awesome coffee maker that will say Good Morning to you??  Or shake your hand?  I didn’t think so.

God’s got the rest.

That’s my three cents.  (I think it’s worth a little more than two…?)

Happy thrifting, and living.


Everyone Needs a Peasant Top…right?



IMG_4423 IMG_4418 IMG_4410

$4.29, no tag, aka I don’t know the brand.

Just like this.

Or at least me. Maybe y’all would like yours to look a little different.

But I recommend not too different as this top is really working out for me.

I honestly can’t remember the first place I wore this amazing piece of clothing, but I do remember that the SECOND was the preschool that I work at.  And I know that while I was wearing it the first time, I do remember thinking,

“I’m gonna wear this to work.”

And I did.

I did.

Lo and behold, while working, I got into a conversation about clothing (shocking, I know) with a college student who was there doing research on our children (completely appropriate and approved by director and parents alike, don’t worry).  Long story short, she complimented my shirt.  That being the above peasant top for people who have trouble following.  And she had very good taste, you’ll just have to trust me on this.

Well I obviously would think she had good taste because she was wearing a very slightly different (just in the neckline) version of a dress that I own myself.  She purchased her dress at Nordstrom’s, I got mine at Goodwill, but it is a Target brand originally.  This makes me slightly confused, first, and then I come to the realization that they all must share patterns and fabrics apparently, from Target to Nordstrom’s and I wonder how this works.  If anyone out there happens to know.

Goodwill strikes again y’all, I hope you are continuing to have thrift luck as I do!

Happy thrifting and thanks for stopping by! Follow me if you’d like! Or you can follow me on instagram, @mygoodwillfinds or @jaimen84. Either/or. Both will show you amazing things and wonderment 😉


Do you like peasant shirts like me, or do you think they are outdated?  Please tell.

I did! Until I kept finding myself trying them on…and so I finally just gave in and bought the perfect one! As a matter of opinion of course…

Coffee Date & Pendant Necklace

Coffee Date & Pendant Necklace

Wore this oldie but goodie from Goodwill that I got for $2.99 a few years ago to grab coffee with a new friend and get some music advice and good steps to take.

Oh, and I curled my hair. And that’s always exciting 😉

Gonna add some advice in here. Pursuing a career in music is no small thing, and can be, trust me very overwhelming when you (I) think of all I have to and should do. So on the way to coffee, this nugget of wisdom dawned on me-

“When there are many things to do, do one.”

Seems obvious right? But at least tomorrow, that one thing, or that 1/10 of one thing will be done. And in a couple weeks, it may be completely done. And we’ve got a lot of couple weeks in our lifetime. So think of all that can be done.

Oh the possibilities. :). Especially when you’re wearing an awesome thrifted necklace, from Goodwill or elsewhere.


Weekend Wisdom 1: Only Look Back to See How Far You’ve Come


I decided I am going to start my first weekly topic post called ‘Weekend Wisdom’, and I reserve the right to change that title and/or time of week at any point.  I will notify you if this occurs.  The subject of the post will be some time of wisdom (surprising right??) dealt out on the weekends (again- did you see that coming???) giving me two possible days to post it instead of one.  See I thought this through.

It is very late, but we will consider it still Sunday, and this will be the first one.

Get ready to be wiser.

One of my many passions in life is running and fitness, and on my 2 miler the other day, on that particular path, I end on an uphill climb.  Always fun.  Always a good time.  And when I say uphill, I mean uphill.  Its a doozie.  Usually I allow myself to stop at some point on this hill.

But today.

Today, I thought. I need to finish it.

I’m never going to get better if I don’t be better.

Makes sense, right?

So I ran to the top, forcing myself most of the way.  At a point very close, I thought, I wonder how big the hill behind me looks from here.  Immediately, I remembered how people say that it’s not good to look to the past or behind you, but always to the future.  And I agree with not letting the past hold you back and dwelling on what you can. not. change.  Not that I ever do such things.  Not someone wise like me:)  But in this case, I thought, well I only want to see what I have accomplished.

I want to see how far I have come.


“Only look back, to see how far you’ve come.” 

Mindblowing, huh?  Looking backwards I have found is usually counterproductive and generally discouraging because you can’t possibly change it.  Unless you are simply admiring how far away you have come and how much you have developed since whatever event it is you are looking at.

It also, like climbing a mountain, inspires you to do just that- go far.  You can’t see how far you’ve come, and admire that view, unless you actually go somewhere and be a better you.  So be better, and then enjoy admiring the path.

I found it personally very inspiring, and wanted to share it with you, along with this wonderful photo taken from said run.

Be inspired.

Be you.

Be better.

Be forward moving, but also never forgetting what you have strongly come through.


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