Statement Necklace Week- Plato’s Closet Find

Statement Necklace Week- Plato's Closet Find

Coral/pink beaded and cloth string statement necklace- Plato’s Closet, $4.99

By statement necklace ‘week’, I clearly mean that I wore one on Tuesday (see best khaki blazer post), and one on Wednesday (FYI- I did just say wed-nes-day in my head), this qualifies as week.

Anyway, that is a great price for a statement necklace. I love finding these deals, because I LOVE statement necklaces, but do not love their statement prices. My favorite part of this necklace is the cloth string it is strung on. I love that style.

Great places I have found ststement necklaces at reasonable prices are Platos Closet (a second hand clothing consignment store) and Burlingon Coat Factory, a very large well known department store that I do not need to add an explanation for, but still did.

At Burlington, the necklaces generally come with matching earrings, which at first I tuned by nose up at.

What am I, 90? Or a Stepford housewife? Matching earring and necklace? No.

And then…each time I went to wear my statement necklace from Burlington, and choose earrings to ‘match’…well, funny, I guess those designers knew what they were doing, cause I chose the ‘matching’ earrings. Each time.

Eat my words.

I think it worked because the coordinated earrings were always decently small, to balance out with the necklace.

The specific earrings I am referring to I am actually wearing in this picture, (not with their matching necklace, to be clear). I quite like them. Simple but pretty. Just enough to say, “I took the time to hang something pretty from my ears today, just for you.”

That’s the kind of statement I like to make with my ears, when wearing a statement necklace, I guess.

Have I said statement enough?

Hope you liked this necklace picture, enough to follow me and tell all your friends to as well. Maybe?

Well, sleep on it.

Thanks for stopping by, more great finds and stories to come!

Happy thrifting and living!

-Jaime ‚̧



Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Purple

Sweater- Goodwill from Ann Taylor Loft, $3

I have been told that purple is a great color on me with my new-ish brown hair. In this sweater, I’d HAVE to agree.

I got this sweater at half price, along with my perfect arm chair, last Saturday. The first glorious Saturday of every month in my area, the entire store is half off. Furniture, books, jewelry, home goods, children- just seeing if you were paying attention :). It’s great. .99 day is cheaper…but it’s not the whole store- kind of a trade off.

Anyway, I like it especially for sweaters because all sweaters are 5.99 in my area, which I think is a tad bit much, and I have to SUPER like it at that price to take it home. But half off for $3 is a pretty easy peasy decision.

Especially for a basically new, perfectly fitting purple v neck sweater from Ann Taylor Loft. See above:) I’m talking the extra button and ‘remove before wearing’ sensor were still attached. Steal.

I wore it to church the NEXT morning with a great green statement necklace I got at platos closet for $5 around a month ago.

NOBODY would look at that sweater and necklace combo and think, “I bet she paid $8 for all that.” But I did. Trickster am I ūüôā

Even if they do, I feel worth much more than $8, and that’s all that matters. A good outfit can change your day, even your life. Trust me.

(Right Stacy and Clinton??).

If only Stacy and Clinton had taken clients to Goodwill on their show….

Happy thrifting and styling,

-Jaime ‚̧


Army Green ‘Surplus’ Coat, Orange Tee, Under $10!!!

Army Green 'Surplus' Coat, Orange Tee, Under $10!!!

I love coats like this and it is so the Nashville style (something I try to encompass daily), so when I found this for just $5.99 about a month ago at my local Goodwill I was beyond excited.

This is me wearing it on a whole ‘nother shopping trip at Goodwill the other day. Wearing Goodwill while shopping at Goodwill, wonderful. And looking good while doing it. How I’m not their spokesperson yet I’ll never know.

I wish I could post more than one picture, but I still haven’t figured out how to do that from my phone yet, and my computer is still having issues lying to me about storage space available on him. It’s a he. Until he can get his behavior issues figured out, I will settle for posting one picture at a time, instead of nothing at all!

Lucky me, I can kill three birds with one stone (or picture) here because the shirt underneath this jacket in the picture AND the jeans are also Goodwill. An all Goodwill outfit, I love when this happens. The bright orange plain good fitting tee is from Forever 21 for $2.24. Paired with a statement necklace from Burlington, that I have gotten well over the $10.99 worth that I paid for it, and my NY&Co jeggings that I got at Goodwill last year for 7.49, and you have a great Nashville church outfit. At least for my church. This is what I wore on Sunday. Looking like you rolled out of bed is high fashion in Nashville, but people still spend $300 to look like that. Unless you’re me. I get set back a mere $20 or so. It’s good to be me, I agree.

Hope you enjoyed the outfit as much as I did wearing it!

Happy thrifting, I’ll be back soon!!



If at first you don’t succeed…A little cameo and owl earring action

If at first you don't succeed...A little cameo and owl earring action

So if the other day was SOMEWHAT of a thrifting fail…yesterday was a thrifting WIN. And at Salvation Army for a change. I haven’t shopped there much, but the few times I have haven’t yielded much luck.

But did you SEE that cameo ring and beyond adorable owl studs??


The ring was a mere $1.99 and the earrings set me back twice that at $3.99…but I couldn’t put those adorable guys back.

I could stare at those owls forever. So cute and relaxed. Unfortunately I won’t be able to. They’ll be on my ears. Physically impossible. But I’ll let other people. And try and remember that that is why someone may or may not be staring at me and try not to get too freaked out. Thems owls is cute.

Now lets talk about the cameo. I’ve been wanting a cameo piece of jewelry for awhile, and how I haven’t found one yet is beyond me, they are so popular, but clearly I hadn’t found one yet cause I didn’t have one! But now I do. And it’s on top of a pretty pink stone. On top of a ring. On my hand. I like. And it will go well with most of my clothing items too. Which is good.

I wore both jewelry items out the door of the store, in addition to the $4 gold bangle I got and $2 purplish pink sunglasses. If I could have drank out of the two earth toned oversized ceramic mugs that I got also, I feel like I probably would have used them too:). They just weren’t serving coffee at the exit of the store that day ;).

I was glad I got a good thrifting trip in while I was still hanging with my Mom. She enjoys good finds as much as I do, and joy loves company just as much as misery does I have found. So her company was appreciated. She bought a dress I liked and said she’d mail it to me after wearing it a few times. We’ll see. It may work as TN stays warmer a little longer than CT does. Now I’ll have a dress share going on as well as the shoe share I am supposed to be doing with my friend in Utah.

Happy thrifting and vacationing and living! I can’t wait to get back to my Nashville home base today, as much as I have enjoyed vacation, it’s always good to go home. And to see my puppy son ūüôā



Coffee Date & Pendant Necklace

Coffee Date & Pendant Necklace

Wore this oldie but goodie from Goodwill that I got for $2.99 a few years ago to grab coffee with a new friend and get some music advice and good steps to take.

Oh, and I curled my hair. And that’s always exciting ūüėČ

Gonna add some advice in here. Pursuing a career in music is no small thing, and can be, trust me very overwhelming when you (I) think of all I have to and should do. So on the way to coffee, this nugget of wisdom dawned on me-

“When there are many things to do, do one.”

Seems obvious right? But at least tomorrow, that one thing, or that 1/10 of one thing will be done. And in a couple weeks, it may be completely done. And we’ve got a lot of couple weeks in our lifetime. So think of all that can be done.

Oh the possibilities. :). Especially when you’re wearing an awesome thrifted necklace, from Goodwill or elsewhere.


I Found It!!

This past Saturday was the first Saturday of the¬†month, in case you didn’t know.¬† Minds blown yet?:)

Well they will be.¬† In my area, that day¬† means all local Goodwills are half off the entire store.¬† Still hard for me to wrap my mind around that goodness.¬† It’s so exciting to not have to care about that pesky little ‘color of the week’.¬† Nope, not on the first Saturday.¬† Whatever you pick up, you can just cut the price in half.¬† Red, blue, orange, green…take. your. pick.

When I first discovered this, i¬†would make tentative plans to wake up early and head over there ASAP on the first saturday of each month.¬† this¬†slowly stopped as i¬†realized how crazy it was, and may be not completely worth it for ME.¬† i¬†do like sleep.¬† And i¬†swear i saw an ambulance parked outside once…not ok.

so it has turned into me realizing what day it is after i pull into the parking lot to piles of cars upon cars, as i did this past saturday.  i got off work a little early and had some free time, so as any goodwiller would do, made my way to a goodwill that was on my way home.  i was then pleasantly, or not so pleasantly surprised (because of all the cars and the no parking situation.  I ended up parking somewhat illegally across the street.  rebel am i.) at the half off saturday event.

i’m¬†glad i stopeed.¬† the line for checkout was no more than 5 minutes at the end, not bad, and the crowds weren’t too bad.

and i came away with some treasures.

the first treasure i¬†will share is this form fitting¬†(i found one!!!) piece of clothing I, and I’m sure my boyfriend, have been waiting for me to find and own.¬† I came close on this trip, but was thwarted by one too many ruffles…


IMG_3210 IMG_3206

Mossimo from Target purple stretch cotton short sleeveless dress.  Half off of $7.99 or $4.00.  Yes.

i almost put it back.  when will i wear this?  get it.  why does it need to be quite so tight?  and purple?  just get it.

there will be an occasion.

it turns out that occasion was the very next night to go to the¬† movies with my boyfriend, ending our Nashville staycation adventure I told y’all about.¬† We saw This is the End with about 101,000 hollywood movie stars playing caricatures of themselves in it.¬† It was pretty cool….

other than that, i¬†really have no words for this movie.¬† I don’t even know what to say about it.¬† Ok, that was a little redundant.¬† It was a fun time on a Sunday night, i’ll just leave it at that.

and i got to rock out my purple dress.

he liked it, i’m¬†sure.¬† i¬†think he felt like his own version of who kidnapped jaime¬†and replaced her with this tight dress wearing vixen.¬† It was fun to feel a little like someone else for a night.¬† a little sexy.¬†¬†i think when you get in a relationship, you stop¬†trying as hard after a bit to look good for the other person, and you just get comfortable.¬† Which i¬†love.¬† i love comfort.¬† comfort loves me.¬† but it was nice to dress up and put some effort in for him, and me, again.¬† He deserves it.

and that may be the very reason he showed up at my work where i was bartending the next night modeling his new seersucker jacket and tie and holding a rose.¬† just maybe.¬† ūüôā

I paired the dress with my new statement necklace from Burlington Coat Factory that I got for $9.99.¬† I have never found more reasonable jewelry prices than there.¬† y’all should check ’em out.¬† Great necklaces that look like they should be around $30 for under $10.¬† I also added a somewhat cropped dark wash jean jacket from Old Navy a couple of years ago thinking¬†based on years and years of experience that it would be cool in the movie theater.¬† too cool for a short sleeveless dress.

no.¬† it was warm.¬† when is it warm in the theater???¬† i ended up taking the jacket off and feeling fine.¬† strange.¬† can’t plan for anything these days.

i¬†will share more of my finds from that day when the time is right.¬† and/or when i¬†use them:)¬† I got a great pair or yellow heels/wedges i can’t wait to show ya pictures of…

until next time, happy day and happy thrifting.  go out and spread some love!:)


What are some of your favorite goodwill/thrift store special sale events in your area of the world?

Lady in White (and gray)

IMG_2765 IMG_2766 IMG_2758 IMG_2760 IMG_2759

Entire outfit is Goodwill.

Shorts and Shirt are originally from Target, shirt is Xhilaration, the shorts are Mossimo.

This outfit is so comfortable yet still cute, pretty much my main general outfit requirements.

I have had the shirt for at least two years, and the white shorts I purchased just last summer.

Picking out my outfit yesterday, this is what I chose and then realized it made a 100% Goodwill outift.  Love.  And of course I had to document.

I also match my comforter, so that’s a plus.

The shorts were a fun find because I was looking for white shorts, and earlier in the week¬†when I found these at Goodwill, I had¬†already purchased a pair of white shorts at Marshall’s for a relatively good price, under $19.99, but still more than the $4.29 I paid for these at Goodwill.¬† Marshall’s shorts returned, Goodwill shorts kept.¬† $15 in my pocket. ¬†I love saving money.

I have gotten several compliments when wearing thist shirt.¬† People love the buttons up the back, as do I.¬† Just yesterday I heard a lady walking by me at Wal-Mart say “I love that shirt, so cool with the buttons up the back.”¬† So sometimes the compliments aren’t always¬†straight to my face, but they still count!¬†¬†Goodwill strikes again.

This was my ‘running errands’ outfit yesterday.¬† Worked quite well.¬† Even threw in some yard-saling in there and it stood up to the challenge beautifully.¬† Mostly I went to WalMart to find non slip shoes for work, and ended up just getting some snack food for my lake day today and also the lovely long necklace you see in the pictures for $8.88.

Happy thrifting!


‘Laughter is the best medicine’

Note the dresser, I didn’t have a picture for it in my furniture post where I talked about getting it for free on the side of the road- not Goodwill, but still pretty exciting!!:)¬† So I will link to this post from that post, as I just did here.

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