Lady in White (and gray)

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Entire outfit is Goodwill.

Shorts and Shirt are originally from Target, shirt is Xhilaration, the shorts are Mossimo.

This outfit is so comfortable yet still cute, pretty much my main general outfit requirements.

I have had the shirt for at least two years, and the white shorts I purchased just last summer.

Picking out my outfit yesterday, this is what I chose and then realized it made a 100% Goodwill outift.  Love.  And of course I had to document.

I also match my comforter, so that’s a plus.

The shorts were a fun find because I was looking for white shorts, and earlier in the week when I found these at Goodwill, I had already purchased a pair of white shorts at Marshall’s for a relatively good price, under $19.99, but still more than the $4.29 I paid for these at Goodwill.  Marshall’s shorts returned, Goodwill shorts kept.  $15 in my pocket.  I love saving money.

I have gotten several compliments when wearing thist shirt.  People love the buttons up the back, as do I.  Just yesterday I heard a lady walking by me at Wal-Mart say “I love that shirt, so cool with the buttons up the back.”  So sometimes the compliments aren’t always straight to my face, but they still count!  Goodwill strikes again.

This was my ‘running errands’ outfit yesterday.  Worked quite well.  Even threw in some yard-saling in there and it stood up to the challenge beautifully.  Mostly I went to WalMart to find non slip shoes for work, and ended up just getting some snack food for my lake day today and also the lovely long necklace you see in the pictures for $8.88.

Happy thrifting!


‘Laughter is the best medicine’

Note the dresser, I didn’t have a picture for it in my furniture post where I talked about getting it for free on the side of the road- not Goodwill, but still pretty exciting!!:)  So I will link to this post from that post, as I just did here.