Flowers for Spring, and Other Fun Things

I bought some flowers the other day because I have some very important people, VIP’s if you will (I’m pretty sure I just came up with that), coming to visit in twooo days!!! I can hardly believe its already here!  Well, I kind of can, I’ve been counting down the days since I went to go visit them in CT for Easter.  Its been 15.  Two more.  For all you math majors out there that adds up to…17!  On the edge of your seats wondering who??  I know you are.  It’s my family!  Well, not all of them, that would take a whole plane, almost.  It’s my wonderful, beautiful Mother, my wonderful, beautiful sister, who is also a mother to two wonderful, beautiful little girls who are also coming along.  Secret is, they don’t know it yet.  My smart sis didn’t want to hear them ask for a month straight when they were leaving to go see the greatest aunt on earth to visit Nashville, so she is going to tell them on the WAY to the airport.  Love it!  On the way.  You dont’ know them, but they’re gonna flip!  Well, you don’t have to know them, they’re 5 and 4:)  I only wish I was there to see their faces when they find out.  The oldest niece kind of figured it out when I was home, but we did our best to thwart her smartness, what with us being 20 plus years older than her, I think we did okay. 

Long story short, trying to make the place look fresh and purty, I thought a lovely bouquet from my favorite store of groceries, Trader Joe’s, would do the trick.  And guess what I had at home to put them in?  An awesome green glass milk jug I bought at Goodwill two years ago when I moved into my first apartment of my own.  Here it is:

The books also from Goodwill, the top one I got just the other day hiding out in the drawer of my coffee table, also from Goodwill.   

That entire picture’s content is Goodwill.  Thought that should be mentioed.  Cause I kinda like it.  Well, more than kinda.  Really.

Ok, so I have a couple newer finds as well, as in within the past month that I’d love to share:

A bright yellow purse.  I dont’ think you can ever really go wrong with this.  And now I finally have one.  I can’t remember how much!  Forgive me for I have sinned.  I know it was under $10. 

In case you can’t read it, the brand is axcess.  Also, not real leather, but that is fine with me.  That way I can’t rub ink from my shirt all over it.  (In case you didn’t read that post, that happened with the last real leather purse I got at goodwill.  Don’t worry, I removed it with hairspray.  Good as new.)

Oops!  How did that one sneak on there??  Not from Goodwill:)  He’s from the Nashville Humane Association.  And he is 3 months old.  That’s my new pup, Baker Jones.  I’m a new mom.  Kind of.  He feels like a baby would at least.  Waking me up in the middle of the night and what not, but then breaking my heart with how adorable and helpless he is!  Can’t wait til he’s grown and I can take him on many an adventure.  Dog parks and what not.  Kidding, it will be MUCH more exciting that that:) 

Anyway, I do have a dog collar for HIM that I bought from Goodwill when I thought I was getting a girl dog….so its pink leopard print…I feel kind of bad using it on him, that’s not okay, he doesn’t have any older sisters to make it okay, so I’m gonna buy a new one to replace the one he got at Humane.  When I find one at Goodwill, of course. 

Happy Goodwilling everyone!  Make some finds and wear/use them well, and support a great cause in the mean time.  All good things.


Are you an animal lover?  Enough to have your own, or just adore others’ passing by?

Enough to have my own…and I very much have enjoyed the awes and attention Baker has garnered while out.  Gotta admit.

Do you always have fresh flowers out, or just for ‘special’ occasions and visits?

I wish the former, but definitely more the latter…