And Those Who Can’t DIY…Buy? Rolled Magazine Paper Bowl DIY!


IMG_4776 IMG_4775 IMG_4758  IMG_4754

Rolled Magazine Paper bowl, .99, Goodwill

how to(and other fun crafts):

Well, not normally in my case, but for .99 at Goodwill, yes.

This was such a find for me.

I love the DIY/Craft look, especially when I don’t actually have to do it myself…so I’m a cheater ūüėČ

I mean, ya know I love a good craft, but I don’t always have the patience skills¬†time.

This looks pretty difficult actually.

I am not sure if someone else made it, and I am going to would never take credit, or if it is store bought.¬† I don’t see any label on it, but it could have come off… (Detective Jaime at work here, watch out.¬† She comes out every now and then.)

Either way, it’s fabulous and I can’t wait to display it in the new house I am moving into next month in my FAVORITE area of town.

Since I didn’t actually make this one myself in order¬†to show you how to, I found a lady who did, or at last has¬†a link to how to do it.

So here is my link to a link to create your own rolled up magazine paper basket, and it’s actually¬†two slightly different more fun versions of it.

The blog is, and this is the page with magazine paper projects, including two bowls and one frame.

I’m telling you, if Pinterest was more like this blog, I would be addicted to it just like everyone else.

I couldn’t stop looking at her posts once I found this one.¬† Each craft and DIY was so cool!

I want to do every one.

LIke now.

One was¬†making¬†a necklace out of an old t-shirt by cutting it up and using the fabric.¬† I like necklaces!¬† I don’t like spending money!¬† I can find plenty of old cheap t-shirts at Goodwill!


…another was turning old mason jars into cool ones with words on them using a hot glue gun and spray paint.

I have all of those supplies!!!

And on my reactions went….

until I decided to start paying attention in class again ūüėȬ† but nevermind that…

good student award here.

So you should check it out and find some cool projects, in addition to the DIY magazine paper bowl one.  Let me know if any of you try it and are successful!!  Looks like so much fun!

Unless you find one at Goodwill first like me that is. ūüėČ



I Found It!!

This past Saturday was the first Saturday of the¬†month, in case you didn’t know.¬† Minds blown yet?:)

Well they will be.¬† In my area, that day¬† means all local Goodwills are half off the entire store.¬† Still hard for me to wrap my mind around that goodness.¬† It’s so exciting to not have to care about that pesky little ‘color of the week’.¬† Nope, not on the first Saturday.¬† Whatever you pick up, you can just cut the price in half.¬† Red, blue, orange, green…take. your. pick.

When I first discovered this, i¬†would make tentative plans to wake up early and head over there ASAP on the first saturday of each month.¬† this¬†slowly stopped as i¬†realized how crazy it was, and may be not completely worth it for ME.¬† i¬†do like sleep.¬† And i¬†swear i saw an ambulance parked outside once…not ok.

so it has turned into me realizing what day it is after i pull into the parking lot to piles of cars upon cars, as i did this past saturday.  i got off work a little early and had some free time, so as any goodwiller would do, made my way to a goodwill that was on my way home.  i was then pleasantly, or not so pleasantly surprised (because of all the cars and the no parking situation.  I ended up parking somewhat illegally across the street.  rebel am i.) at the half off saturday event.

i’m¬†glad i stopeed.¬† the line for checkout was no more than 5 minutes at the end, not bad, and the crowds weren’t too bad.

and i came away with some treasures.

the first treasure i¬†will share is this form fitting¬†(i found one!!!) piece of clothing I, and I’m sure my boyfriend, have been waiting for me to find and own.¬† I came close on this trip, but was thwarted by one too many ruffles…


IMG_3210 IMG_3206

Mossimo from Target purple stretch cotton short sleeveless dress.  Half off of $7.99 or $4.00.  Yes.

i almost put it back.  when will i wear this?  get it.  why does it need to be quite so tight?  and purple?  just get it.

there will be an occasion.

it turns out that occasion was the very next night to go to the¬† movies with my boyfriend, ending our Nashville staycation adventure I told y’all about.¬† We saw This is the End with about 101,000 hollywood movie stars playing caricatures of themselves in it.¬† It was pretty cool….

other than that, i¬†really have no words for this movie.¬† I don’t even know what to say about it.¬† Ok, that was a little redundant.¬† It was a fun time on a Sunday night, i’ll just leave it at that.

and i got to rock out my purple dress.

he liked it, i’m¬†sure.¬† i¬†think he felt like his own version of who kidnapped jaime¬†and replaced her with this tight dress wearing vixen.¬† It was fun to feel a little like someone else for a night.¬† a little sexy.¬†¬†i think when you get in a relationship, you stop¬†trying as hard after a bit to look good for the other person, and you just get comfortable.¬† Which i¬†love.¬† i love comfort.¬† comfort loves me.¬† but it was nice to dress up and put some effort in for him, and me, again.¬† He deserves it.

and that may be the very reason he showed up at my work where i was bartending the next night modeling his new seersucker jacket and tie and holding a rose.¬† just maybe.¬† ūüôā

I paired the dress with my new statement necklace from Burlington Coat Factory that I got for $9.99.¬† I have never found more reasonable jewelry prices than there.¬† y’all should check ’em out.¬† Great necklaces that look like they should be around $30 for under $10.¬† I also added a somewhat cropped dark wash jean jacket from Old Navy a couple of years ago thinking¬†based on years and years of experience that it would be cool in the movie theater.¬† too cool for a short sleeveless dress.

no.¬† it was warm.¬† when is it warm in the theater???¬† i ended up taking the jacket off and feeling fine.¬† strange.¬† can’t plan for anything these days.

i¬†will share more of my finds from that day when the time is right.¬† and/or when i¬†use them:)¬† I got a great pair or yellow heels/wedges i can’t wait to show ya pictures of…

until next time, happy day and happy thrifting.  go out and spread some love!:)


What are some of your favorite goodwill/thrift store special sale events in your area of the world?

Orange Beaded Color Pop

Orange Beaded Color Pop

I love a good color pop necklace. This orange beaded necklace that I got years ago from Goodwill was the perfect complement to my new navy blue and white collared sleeveless blouse from Burlington Coat Factory made by Antilla Femme (what a great brand name) for $14.99. I bought an off-white and gold statement necklace for $9.99 to wear with the blouse, and then saw this orange necklace hanging on my wall and knew that was the one.

The white and gold necklace was much better suited to adorn my black tank and trouser jean skirt (which can be seen in the vintage plaid blouse post) that I wore later that night.

I wore this to get some laptop work done at my local coffee shop.


Lady in White (and gray)

IMG_2765 IMG_2766 IMG_2758 IMG_2760 IMG_2759

Entire outfit is Goodwill.

Shorts and Shirt are originally from Target, shirt is Xhilaration, the shorts are Mossimo.

This outfit is so comfortable yet still cute, pretty much my main general outfit requirements.

I have had the shirt for at least two years, and the white shorts I purchased just last summer.

Picking out my outfit yesterday, this is what I chose and then realized it made a 100% Goodwill outift.  Love.  And of course I had to document.

I also match my comforter, so that’s a plus.

The shorts were a fun find because I was looking for white shorts, and earlier in the week¬†when I found these at Goodwill, I had¬†already purchased a pair of white shorts at Marshall’s for a relatively good price, under $19.99, but still more than the $4.29 I paid for these at Goodwill.¬† Marshall’s shorts returned, Goodwill shorts kept.¬† $15 in my pocket. ¬†I love saving money.

I have gotten several compliments when wearing thist shirt.¬† People love the buttons up the back, as do I.¬† Just yesterday I heard a lady walking by me at Wal-Mart say “I love that shirt, so cool with the buttons up the back.”¬† So sometimes the compliments aren’t always¬†straight to my face, but they still count!¬†¬†Goodwill strikes again.

This was my ‘running errands’ outfit yesterday.¬† Worked quite well.¬† Even threw in some yard-saling in there and it stood up to the challenge beautifully.¬† Mostly I went to WalMart to find non slip shoes for work, and ended up just getting some snack food for my lake day today and also the lovely long necklace you see in the pictures for $8.88.

Happy thrifting!


‘Laughter is the best medicine’

Note the dresser, I didn’t have a picture for it in my furniture post where I talked about getting it for free on the side of the road- not Goodwill, but still pretty exciting!!:)¬† So I will link to this post from that post, as I just did here.

Keeps me looking good…

 075 071

I found this awesome burnt yellow tuxedo shirt from Forever 21 for $3.99 this past Saturday at my local Goodwill.¬† My friend had friend’s in town and they came to my side of town because she likes my Goodwill better, and I met them there and walked away with this.

Couldn’t be happier.

I paired it with a necklace from Goodwill from years back:

078 079

I love this necklace as well.  I think it was around $2.99, and looks pretty vintage to me.  It is a long necklace and can be worn as I have it, or just hung around the neck once.

On second thought, a pop of color may have been nice to have in my necklace instead of staying with the same color palate, but overall I still think it is a very nice look.  You can wear with this shirt with heels to dress it up, or boots for a casual Sunday evening drink with a friend.

Number two.

The week before I left for my not so mini week long spontaneous vacation to Nashville I found this great scarf and sweater combination (found separately, combined by yours truly):

083 082 087

The sweater is Mossimo, and new from Target and bought by Goodwill for $4.99.

The scarf is Calvin Klein and was the standard scarf price of $3.00.¬† I love all the colors in this scarf and how they work together so well.¬† All my scarves are pretty ‘heavy’ cotton and a lot of material, so it is nice to have a lighter feeling one that is more for looks.

For my last look of this post, I give you what I will call my “day in the studio” outfit.¬† I wore this to go record my newest song (up on called “Before You”


028 030


A nice light cotton tank top from the Gap for $3.99,

paired with a Forever 21 (purchased at the store) coral cardigan.

That’s how hot I look with headphones on when taking the picture myself from a bad angle.¬† You’re welcome.

I was accused of looking like a J.Crew model/mom later that evening when sitting at a bar next to a very alternative young man.  Mostly because I was wearing a cardigan.

I’ve been called worse.

I may have been away from Nashville too long.

So those are all my finds, and now you see how Goodwill keeps me looking good!!

I am still amazed at the stuff I find there and for how cheap I get it.  All the time.

Happy thrifting!



Holiday Fun

Yes, I am aware that it is January, and the holidays are close to being long gone, but being that I work at a nice restaurant, December was our BUSY (to say the least) month where a lot of people have their holiday parties and get togethers.¬†¬†So Pornkin (what we call our holiday party- its a combination of Pumpkin and corn…didja get that??? Ingenious if you ask me…) fell by the way side, and we thought January 28 sounded MUCH better.¬† It basically consists of everyone brining a¬†different dish, and we eat and get prizes and go home full.¬†

I brought my award winning* Chess Cake:


1 stick butter, melted

1 egg

1 box yellow cake mix

Mix these three ingredients togther with an electric mixer, until combined, and spread in the bottom of a 9×13 pan.


3 eggs

1 bag (8 oz) confectioners sugar

8 oz cream cheese, softened (leave out for 1-2 hours room temp)

Blend these three items together until smooth, and pour over the crust. 

Bake at a lovely 350 degrees for about 40 minutes, or until sides are just beginning to turn brown and pull away from the edge. 

And enjoy a slice of heaven in your mouth!!  I have yet to meet anyone that eats this and does not like it.

Anyway, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I wore fall colors- burnt orange and yellow:


The necklace is courtesy of Goodwill, $2.99.

My coworker and friend, the lovely Danielle. 

This is the only pic I snapped.¬† But it is appropriate becuase people mix us up all the time.¬† We’re both blonde and have awesome personalities, so I get it:)¬† Even the guy I’m dating, who also works with us (I guess I never got the memo to not mix business with pleasure) mixes us up sometimes, and will start conversations with her before realizing its not me…

Well this girl needs to sleep, I ran 5.2 miles today and 3.7 yesterday, and I’d like to rest.¬† I’m still talking myself into the full marathon instead of the half in April.

“Halves are for lamos!!!!”

Nope…I’ll have to try harder than that.

Maybe the endorphins will talk me into it, they are quite friendly you know:)


Did you have any cool Christmas work parties?  Did you wear any Goodwill items to any important events?

What is your favorite dessert to make?