Sick Day –> off to Goodwill for .99 Wednesday

 Brown button up tank- Gap, .99

Green Jeans- Hermosa, .99

Capris with ankle zipped- Old navy, .99

Ok, I have to share this unrelated silliness first, as I just typed the word ‘Wednesday’. On Facebook last night I saw one of those hilarious pictures of a serious man with a saying on it that said “I don’t always write the word Wednesday, but when I do, I think ‘Wed-nes-day’.” And I did. And now it’s spelled correctly for you. Hahaha.

Anyway, I woke up with a sore throat yesterday morning, nothing day stopping, but when you’re supposed to record a vocal for a demo of a song you wrote, it kind of puts that on hold, so I had a little free time to go around the corner to Goodwill. It was .99 wed-nes-day after all. Why would I go to my other job early? Nope, I’ll go there as when expected, and shop at Goodwill in the meantime.

I also was going going looking for some items to sell on the electronic bay, eBay if you will. And I found a couple anthropoligie dressed…luckily a size XS and S so there is no temptation to keep. I’ll post a picture of them and you can head over to place your bid if you’d like! They are sundresses by Lilka.

But the .99 color of the week had a few things for me as well.

Like these great green pants. .99 by hermosa. (That means pretty or handsome in Spanish, if you don’t know. That dawned on me while I was typing that.)

And this great button up sleeveless blouse from the Gap for .99 was sitting in the dressing room I went in. Thank you.

Also, I got some great light blue jean capris, with a small zipper on each ankle hem (my favorite part) for .99.

Coincidentally enough, or not so coincidental in my case, the flats pictured are also Goodwill, from another trip. I was so happy when I found them because they resembled some Steve Madden flats I had once Upon a time that I either stupidly got rid of in a cleaning spree, or lost in a move. But one day realized I no longer had them. But now I have these.

Not pictured for .99 as well are some boot cut jeans from Old navy. Not amazing, but do the trick. And I’ve been needing some just comfortable throw on jeans to go to the dog park or what not in. Happy about that.

It was a good Wednesday trip and I can’t wait to share my other finds with you soon enough, they’re good!

Happy thrifting,




Tampa Bay Meetup Thrift Trip

Tampa Bay Meetup Thrift Trip

So I met up with my mother in Tampa the other day…

Wait. Whose blog is this? That sentence doesn’t belong in my blog. That is not my life.

Well, apparently it is. That happened. A random mess of occurrences made it so that my mom (dwelling in CT) and myself (dwelling in TN) could be in Tampa Bay, Florida at the same time and so then visit for a bit.

What did we do first?

Thrift, of course. I hit up the first Goodwill I could find on my trusty GPS and went in to see what we could find.

I was not impressed at first. No .99 cent Sunday. Not even a color of the week! :/. I felt very out of my element, and honestly, a little tricked. Forcing myself to carry on, I still looked through the all too organized and stocked with too many name brand racks (you would think these both positive things, but nay, where is the thrill of the hunt if its all laid out there for you?). Very out of my element was I, but I still managed to pair these two lovely items together for a navy blue-burnt orange outfit of sheikness.

Wouldn’t you say?

5.26 for the Old Navy navy blue shift dress, and 5.26 for the orange purse.

And where did they get these prices from? Somehow the 4.29 I’m my hometown is much more normal….no…you’re right, it’s not really any different. I’m just being a sour puss.

I walked with neither item, as the dress was a size Small and hugged my Medium curves a little more than a ‘loose’ shift dress like that should. And the purse, well, I had it at the register, with every intention of making it my Fall *itch:) (for lack of a better word…?), ok, my fall purse, and I chickened out at the last minute. Visions of my bank account setback at this last minute ‘meetup’ in Tampa Bay stopped me full force. $5.26 or not. Didn’t do it.

My off white H&M purse find from a month ago would have to do. Tie a little scarf around it and call it a day.

Which I did. Using a scarf I did decide to purchase from that day for $2.49. Pictures to come. It’s beauteous I assure you.

And now I must get back to resting up for the last day of vacation.

I hope you all are or did already, for those of you back in school, enjoy and make the most of the summer months coming to an end. Fall and winter will be here soon enough.

Happy thrifting!



More Dresses for Jaime :) Oh, and the greatest coffee table EVER


 A girl can never have too many dresses, right?  Well, if you look at my closet you will know that the answer is No.  Capital N.

I got this one at Goodwill a couple weeks ago:

7.99, Origially Old Navy, animal inspired print navy blue shirt dress.

Necklace: Plato’s Closet.   Strappy Wedges: Target.

And then you can put this great khaki fitted blazer over for a different, more put together, maybe a little warmer? look.

Oh, yeah, the blazer is also from Goodwill, 6.99.  Does that surprise you?  Origially from Target for I think over $20.  My sister was’t happy when she saw mine.  Yeah, she got it at Target in black for the regular price.  I still love her though.

And also this one:

Ann Taylor Loft, also, 7.99. 

Boots: Nashville Flea Market, 5.00

From some grown up store Ann Taylor Loft.  But I can still sass it up with red cowboy boots and my chunky yellow necklace from Plato’s closet, Ann Taylor Loft or not.  I will admit, I am guilty of loving a purse, seeing it is Liz Claiborne or some similar other ‘old lady’ brand (sorry Liz), in my opinion at least, and immediately putting it down:/  No questions asked, not further inspection of the product.  Not for me.  I am not ashamed to admit that.  I am glad I didn’t do that with this dress.  Although it is harder to do this at Goodwill when most things are under $8.  If I like it, it could say Dress Barn for all I care, and I’d still buy it.  Well, that may be going a little too far. 

I like the waist pleats on this dress, and the cap sleeves.  So cute. 

Oh, you want to see the greatest coffee table ever?  Or the top three… as my boyfriend says.  He may be right, but I’ve never seen the other two.  Remains to be proved.  Like most of our arguments:)

Here goes…

No idea where this is originally from, Heaven?  🙂 But it was $35.  I would’ve paid twice that, for the look, the storage, the stylish legs, the rustic look….oh, let me count the ways.  

Oh, I almost forgot, the top flips up to reveal more storage inside, in addition to the droor on the front:

Clearly, I am already making use of it:)  This is a great way to just put everything you would throw on TOP of your coffee table, inside it, and creat the illusion that you are perfectly neat, clean, put together person:)  Everybody will be jealous.  Everyone you get to come to your house at least.  Which by that point, they’re already pretty impressed with you anyway, right?  Okay, now you see how my rambling mind works, and what I live with everyday. 

And it came with this great vintage Reader’s digest condensed book inside the front droor:

Not to be unclear, it is the book on top.  I may have seen that this was in the droor before I purchased it, but I just thought I’d assume it was a package deal, and not tell the Goodwill folks.  I knew it would look perfect on top of my new table:)  The other two are books that are currently on my reading radar, All He Ever Wanted by Anita Shreve (I’m pretty sure I have mentioned how much I love her several times by this point) and a book that I think was supposed to make it to my grandfather for christmas, along with several others, The Birth of Modern Politics, but I think it looks pretty interesting, so I’ll just hand it over next time I catch up with him:)  (If you’re reading this Bubs, now ya know!)

I think that is enough to leave you with today, I wouldn’t want you to burst with impressed-ness.  That should be a word.  Goodwill has me for at lesat another month, in which I’m sure it will amaze me once again, and hook me for another month…and so on and so forth. 

In case you forgot, Goodwill is known for helping and hiring people with disabilities, so they do really good work!  Your money not only gets you great finds, but goes to a great cause!

So go out and see what you can find!  And show me!  Until next time, live life, and love life:)



Goodwill Goes to Preschool

Ms. Jaime.  Teacher extraordinairre.

(It’s my blog- I can say whatever I want:)

Dress:  I can’t remember how much:)  It was about 6 months ago that I found this one, so its foggy.  But I dont think it was more than 4.99.  It is the brand xhilaration from Target.  And I remember seeing it at the store for around 19.99.  That’s a discount of 75% my friends.

And now you know, THIS is what teachers do during naptime- take pictures.

And write notes saying how lovely the little kiddlings were….slash ‘rowdy’.  That is a new word Ms. Helen and I came up with to describe when the children are hitting and pushing and not being the lovely little beings they should be.  We thought ‘aggressive’ was a little too negative, so we just say rowdy.

“So and so was very rowdy today, Ms. Smith.”  Read: So and so can’t seem to stop pushing his friends and we get really frustrated with him!!:)  Just kidding… we are always just hugs and kisses all the time!!!! 😉  K, maybe that’s a little white lie.

I love this dress though.  You can’t see it, but its got a high waist, and then kind of A lines out.  Very fun, and kind of made me feel like a preschooler with the tights and what not.  Speaking of- have you ever noticed kids can pull off so much fashion wise.  Just once, I want to go out of the house wearing some of the things they do and just see how it works out for me…

Back to the outfit- the shoes, not from Goodwill, but I have to mention them.  Another Old Navy Christmas deal, $13.  My friend’s friend from Charleston calls them ‘Orphan shoes’ and says that if you wear them, your parents must be dead.  My parents are both still alive (thank goodness:), but I still love these shoes, so I wear them anyway and hope I have not done them any undue harm.  I’ll call them tonight just to make sure…

I’ll leave you with this close-up of the dress pattern:

P.S.  I would like to include in each post from now on a count of how many compliments I get on my turquoise emille m. purse I recently got at Goodwill for 14.99.  There have been two since the LAST two that I mentioned.  Although one of the compliments was from a grocery store clerk who was wearing a turquoise sweatshirt, so I’m thinking she may have been biased.  HOWEVER, this is balanced out, as the other compliment (and may I say this one used the word FIERCE, thank you very much) was from a gay man.  Doesn’t get much more official than that.

P.P.S. The fact that I started using a new purse may put a halt on these compliments, just a hunch.  But when you get a brand new island bloom Vera Bradley hipster for $25, you don’t let it sit in your room.  Sorry emille.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Its been a few days, and I have so much to update:)  Last Friday I finally made it to donate my two little piles to Goodwill, and of course couldn’t leave without a few new items of my own. 

There they are.  It was a coat day!

Today was the day I ventured in to the self timer photo shoot thing….Let me know how ya think I did:)  I had fun!

Numero Uno:

Khaki Medium Weight Trench Coat by Mossimo for Target, 15.99. 

I was not so excited about this price tag, since the other two coats I had picked up before this one were 5.99 each, I kind of assumed this would follow suit….but I liked it so much I laid down the extra ten and brought it home, and since then many other places, with me:)

Here’s a shot of this jacket in action:

That’s me and Ben Franklin.  Hanging out in Lieper’s Fork.  We like to sit and chat sometimes.  He liked the coat and was proud of me for not spending too much on it.  I said “I try, Ben, I try”

Side note, if you ever visit Nashville, make a trip South to Lieper’s Fork, one of the cutest, truest little Southern towns you could visit, with art galleries, shops, motorcyclists, a deli and little diner, and more.  

I was very excited to discover the self portrait setting on my camera where it takes 3 separate pictures one after the other about a second apart each.  If this doesn’t make you feel like a super model, I don’t know what will.  I only wish there was a setting where you could take twenty pictures back to back.  Heck, I wouldn’t get anything else done!

A lovely Houndstooth cropped coat, by Senso, 5.99. 

Yes, winter is coming to an end, but when will a classic houndstooth coat ever really go out of style?  I’ll wear it next year, thank you.  And I think it really complements my new red lipstick nicely:)

Blue track jacket with flower design, 5.99.  Old Navy. 

So cute, and it matches my eyes, how could I say no? 

That’s me giving a thumbs up to the flower, if you couldn’t tell. 

Just proving it really is my first day with the whole self timer camera thing…this was my ONLY mishap…I swear….

That was the end of that day’s finds.  I have been looking for a nice trench coat, and was glad to have find it at Goodwill. 

And then yesterday….

I went to Nashville’s all but forgotten to me, third Goodwill location in East Nasvhille. 

Now, if you were from Nashville, this East Nashville location alone would be enough reason to why it was all but forgotten to me.   

But for those who do not hail from these parts…let me esplain.  (said like ricardo from I love Lucy)  I live in West Nashville.  West and East Nashville rarely meet.  Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but it is quite a divide.  In my opinion, people from East Nashville tend to have a very high opinion of themselves, and I think it is a requirement to grow a beard and wear skinny jeans, guy or girl (the jeans, not the beard) if you live over there.  They are their own breed, and are almost too cool to exist in this world.  Quite frankly, when I see an East Nashvillian, I wonder how they can even stand to be in their own presence sometimes, they exert so much coolness!  Anyway, I think you get the point:

I’m from West Nashville, and I don’t think to go over there often, EVEN to visit the Goodwill. 

It may also be because I have never had much luck at that particular Goodwill in the past, and I, like most people, stick with what works.  But that is just too simple of an explanation.  I like to KICS, not KISS.  “keep it complicated, stupid”.   Don’t ask why. 

But yesterday, I happened to be in the area, because I needed to pick up my car.  Yes, this girl is actually friends with one East Nashvillian I happened to be celebrating the National Holiday of Superbowl the day before (what, it’s not a national holiday?  Well, as full as I was, after eating most of this:


that would be death by chocolate, Oreo version, black bean and avocado salad, and buffalo chicken dip that I made.  Mouth watering yet?

it might as well have been either Christmas or Thanksgiving)

However, all that food still did not keep me from getting a little too tipsy to drive, and I left my car there over night.

After my friend dropped me off to pick it up the next day, I thought, as one often does, what to do next?  I had a couple of hours to kill. 

And that is when I realized that if I turned my steering wheel right instead of left… I would find less than just a mile down the road that oft forgotten East Nashville Goodwill.  So I said, why not? 

There I picked up this lovely find:


Jacket by NuLu, 12.99. 

I think I’m set on jackets for a while:)  It’s like when it rains it pours!  Which will be fine for me in this jacket, because it has a zip off hood.  Something I lost about a year ago on my actual rain jacket. 

Another thing I love about this jacket is the randomness:


This pocket has one snap and one button.  This made me very happy So absolutely random! 

If that wasn’t enough, the other pocket has two buttons, but they are both different!

And it has a zipper across the top!  When will the excitement end??

 Who said pocket enclosures all had to be the same?  Not these jacket makers, that’s for sure!:) 

Variety is the spice of life, right?  Right.

 Another of my favorite parts is the cinching in the back with a cute little tie. 

All in all, a good Goodwill trip.  I still don’t think I will make it a point to go over there, unless I already happen to be.

Well, I am jacketed out for now.  Let’s hope for chilly spring so I can represent and wear these finds out and about as much as I can, and make that Goodwill dollar go far.  At least I won’t have to worry about being cold for a little bit:) 

In other news, I got two compliments this morning on my emille m. teal purse I got about two weeks ago that I have been using lately.  ( See picture above of me and Ben Franklin)  Both compliments were from ladies who I will be working with at a nursery school.  Good to know they have good taste.  It would be hard to make it work otherwise.  Just kidding.  It’s what’s on the inside that really counts!  I remember!

Happy Goodwilling.  Show me some of your favorite finds and leave me some love!  And go support your local Goodwill/thrift stores.  They do good work!

Are you good at self portraits?

I’m gonna be!

Do you love to be in front of a camera?  Or do anything possible to stay away from being in front of a lens?

I think we know the answer to this…I dont mind a shot here and there….or anywhere.

Have you ever bought a jacket at Goodwill? 


Did you get super stuffed on Superbowl, if so, what did you eat?