Dance, Love, Sing, Live- Blank Journal

Dance, Love, Sing, Live- Blank Journal

Blank Thick Quotable Journal, $1.00 (half off of 1.99) from

I may argue about the order of those events, but all in all, good advice. I would say I’m good at two out of the three at the moment- singing and living. Dancing may be a list cause, but I and we all can be better at loving.

When I first saw this I assumed it was a book of some sorts, and was excited to get it as a coffee table book (I have been obsessed with coffee table books asking as I can remember). So when I opened it to see it was a blank journal, I was a little disappointed. It’s kind of big for me to use a journal in my everyday writing life, and also kind of strange to have a blank journal on your coffee table. But I decided it was too cute to pass up, and now it sits on my coffee table, still blank inside, but with such a good message on the outside, it really doesn’t matter.

Hey, maybe I’ll use it as a guest book or something and people that stop by can leave a kind word or memory for me to look through in the future. I kinda like that idea.

Dance, sing, love, and live,

Jaime ❤



Weekend Wisdom…on a Tuesday- How Much Are You Living?

Hi!  So I haven’t been doing SO awesome on the weekend wisdom posts, I’ll admit.

I’ve missed a couple weeks.

And today is Tuesday.

These are good points.  I am going to continue anyway….here goes.

Do you want to be happy?

No?  Well then you should probably not read the insight I am about to impart.

“Life is not about how much you’re MAKING (pretty much what 99.999% of the population worries about), it’s about how much you’re LIVING.”

(I came up with that all on my lonesome.  Unless someone is here to tell me I stole it.)

The two do not go hand in hand.

They don’t.

Don’t argue with me.  It’s true.

I don’t make a lot of money.

There, I said it.

(Although even if I did, I imagine and am fairly certain I would still be the millionaire shopping at a thrift store)

HOWEVER, I have PLENTY of fun.

Plenty of life and living happening in my general vicinity.

Ask my Mom.  She worries a good amount.

Look around you.  The world is a wonderful place full of opportunities for adventure, and YOU were born with unique passions and desires that WILL fulfill you.  Even if they are expensive desires, there are ways to fulfill them thriftly.  Where there’s a <Good>will there’s a way. (Didya see what I did there?? :))

As Robert Stevenson said, “The world is full of a number of things, we should all be as happy as Kings.”

And as a wonderful plaque that I purchased at Goodwill puts it,

“Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.”

Maybe a little harsh :/, but you get the point.

Don’t starve, live life, to the fullest.

Anyway, so often we worry about what we make and how we can make MORE (I find myself doing this too much), that it seems like that is what life is about.  But you can have all the money in the world, and still not be living.

Go take a spontaneous road trip to that cool town an hour and a half away.  Just walk around with a local coffee if you can’t afford to eat at the restaurants or bars.  Soak in the culture.  Sit on the corner and beg, I don’t care.

Take a hike.  (but please come back and read my blog still at some point.  that was not meant to offend)

Go camping.

Watch waterfalls.

Paint a picture.

Go shopping.  At a thrift store.

Buy a groupon for something fun.  Scout Mob is a great phone app as well for major cities.

I could go on.  And I have, in my posts.

And if you read my blog ever, I’m sure you will get plenty of fun and cheap ideas.

Anyway, stop worrying about how much you’re making and go out and live life.  Do you really need a new awesome coffee maker that will say Good Morning to you??  Or shake your hand?  I didn’t think so.

God’s got the rest.

That’s my three cents.  (I think it’s worth a little more than two…?)

Happy thrifting, and living.


Weekend Wisdom 2- How well do you love?

Weekend Wisdom 2- How well do you love?

I realize I missed last weekend of weekends wisdom. I hope nothing unnecessarily stupid happened this week in all y’all’s lives because of it. You can blame me.

I don’t call it a fail missing one, BUT maybe just not a win. I’m back this weekend.

I’m so excited, I downloaded this new app called instatusapp and I’m about to try out instaquote app. I think that one may be better, but don’t tell the instatus guys that. Just let them be happy with their inferior product 😉

This was one of the lines in the sermon outline that hit me the most this morning, and I thought I’d share it will you all. It’s pretty self explanatory. But basically the pastor said that in Seminary they teach you how to arm people with knowledge and then that will help them be spiritually mature. But he said in the bible, Jesus really measures it by how well you love your fellow human being. And that really hit home.

If you call yourself a Christian, or even if not, how well are you loving? And not the easy to love, but the hard to love are why matters. We all have them in our lives. Let that be your challenge for the week, month, and years to come.


Weekend Wisdom 1: Only Look Back to See How Far You’ve Come


I decided I am going to start my first weekly topic post called ‘Weekend Wisdom’, and I reserve the right to change that title and/or time of week at any point.  I will notify you if this occurs.  The subject of the post will be some time of wisdom (surprising right??) dealt out on the weekends (again- did you see that coming???) giving me two possible days to post it instead of one.  See I thought this through.

It is very late, but we will consider it still Sunday, and this will be the first one.

Get ready to be wiser.

One of my many passions in life is running and fitness, and on my 2 miler the other day, on that particular path, I end on an uphill climb.  Always fun.  Always a good time.  And when I say uphill, I mean uphill.  Its a doozie.  Usually I allow myself to stop at some point on this hill.

But today.

Today, I thought. I need to finish it.

I’m never going to get better if I don’t be better.

Makes sense, right?

So I ran to the top, forcing myself most of the way.  At a point very close, I thought, I wonder how big the hill behind me looks from here.  Immediately, I remembered how people say that it’s not good to look to the past or behind you, but always to the future.  And I agree with not letting the past hold you back and dwelling on what you can. not. change.  Not that I ever do such things.  Not someone wise like me:)  But in this case, I thought, well I only want to see what I have accomplished.

I want to see how far I have come.


“Only look back, to see how far you’ve come.” 

Mindblowing, huh?  Looking backwards I have found is usually counterproductive and generally discouraging because you can’t possibly change it.  Unless you are simply admiring how far away you have come and how much you have developed since whatever event it is you are looking at.

It also, like climbing a mountain, inspires you to do just that- go far.  You can’t see how far you’ve come, and admire that view, unless you actually go somewhere and be a better you.  So be better, and then enjoy admiring the path.

I found it personally very inspiring, and wanted to share it with you, along with this wonderful photo taken from said run.

Be inspired.

Be you.

Be better.

Be forward moving, but also never forgetting what you have strongly come through.


Warning: Contains Inspiration

Life is a Banquet

This plaque would have been $2.99. Would have. I didn’t purchase it:(. My new place actually has quality walls, not your typical drywall, meaning hanging art with thumb tacs, my preferred method for my whole adult life, will not cut it here. This will substantially decrease my art hanging at my new place. Hence, I knew I wouldn’t hang this up, so I didn’t buy it.

It is quite lovely though, isn’t it?

I love the hanging little beads across the bottom. So whimsical and completely cute. Really couldn’t have done it better myself. I don’t say that often:)

It would have been a great reminder hanging somewhere in my house every day. Don’t let yourself starve in the middle of a feast. Seems quite obvious, but so many of us let it happen. Life is full of SO MANY good and wonderful things, we just have to reach out and take it. Not only are we surrounded by beauty on this earth, but we are all filled with individual passions and desires that make us so happy, we have the ability to be completely satisfied. Don’t be limited by self imposed restrictions; be they fears, insecurities, past mistakes, or any number of things. Do what you love, even if you don’t get paid for it, ever. Life is a banquet, just reach out, pick up that fancy fork, and dig. in.

I guess for now I’ll just keep it as the background on my phone 🙂




Happy July! Pictureless Post…

Hi!  Happy July!  What is it about a new month that is so exciting?  Especially July…right in the heart of summer, one of the best seasons.  Such a good season, in my opinion, that I just wrote a song about it a week or two ago, and the tag line is “It’s summertime, let life begin again.”  Life is good in the summer.

What I did for July so far is move.  Again.  This time only 20 min. across town instead of 17 hours across the country.  Potato, potato.  K, that saying doesn’t really work quite as well when you are typing it.  But you get my drift.  It was much easier though, and I didn’t have to sell all my furniture.

I moved in with this girl who I work with at the preschool.  So far I’m pretty happy with the new place.  First day here, and I run into Keith Urban at the local Starbucks.  I’ll take it.  Put me into shock for a good half hour, but it was worth it.

My Goodwill futon came with me, it has done a good job for the past 3 months, so I’ll keep it.  Not firing it or reassigning it to couch position just yet.

A house move means a Goodwill move as well.  Luckily, my love, Nashville, has tons of Goodwills, so there really is one for every area.  I have lived close to the Charlotte Pike one and have used that one, I just lived near the East Nashville/Gallatin Goodwill and got to get to know that pretty well, and now I live near the third and final one in Berry Hill.  This location is particularly exciting because it also has a Goodwill outlet attached!  This is where all things to go to die, or to finally be sold.  Half empty or half full?  Anything that doesn’t sell at a regular Goodwill is taken here and put in bins and sold by weight.  My new roommate got her straw purse there that I wrote about it this post.  I have gotten a few things there in the past as well.  And now I will get to go there more often!

This particular Goodwill also has a bountiful furniture section, something the East Nashville location actually didn’t have at all.  Strange really.  Sometimes a piece or two would be thrown in the corner near the childrens’ clothing (makes sense?? they do a lot of furniture buying those kids I have found…).  Hardly constituting a furniture section.

I can’t wait to find out what new things I will need for my new place and see if I can find it at Goodwill.

Also (I think this is my first pictureless post???) I don’t have a picture, but I am wearing out in public for the first time my anna ‘winged’ shirt I like to call it because it is of the style that has the ‘wings’ attached to the sides.  I could add the picture again here, but I’m kind of excited about having a post with no pictures.  For some reason.  Y’all might not be.

Happy July everyone!  Make the most of these Summer days, they’ll be gone before we know it.  Go for a swim, a hike, or have a cookout.  Just a few ideas.  Using stuff from Goodwill whilst, of course:)

Lastly, I want to shout out to for being my 50th follower:)  Its a special number.  He makes GREAT art and y’all should check him out.  I love and appreciate all of you, so much!, but he was numero 50, so I wanted to give him some props.  Can’t wait to get to 100 and more…


“What fun would it be if we lived forever?  Where is the challenge in that?”

What would you do if you knew you were gonna live forever?

NPG Sample (118)

View from Chimney Rock, near Asheville, NC. 

Ok, you caught me, I couldn’t do it.  I added a picture.

But that quote just really needed this, dontcha think? 😉