Trash to Treasure- Frame Style Wall Display- San Francisco!


Clockwise- Lombardy St, Golden Gate, Pacific, Volkswagen on San Fran Street


I started with these:


Five un-matching, but otherwise in good condition, frames from Goodwill.

At .99 a piece!

How can you beat that….

if only they were somewhat coordinated…


Enter handy can of gray spraypaint that I got at a yard sale for .25 last Spring, or for about $3 at your local dollar store.

And voila- matching frame display for my wall.

I couldn’t bring myself to spray the white one- it was just so pretty, and white goes with anything anyway….

Now before I had graduated all the way to a full frame display set, I began with just one:


Weeds on the Pacific Ocean at Night, Northern California- September 2013

This lovely number.

The detail is so pretty, but the color- to me- was not so much.

It was that gold that you find a lot at thrift stores that just isn’t so up to date looking any more.

I love the way this turned out so much, that I went and found some more, which are all the ones displayed in the first few pictures.

Now just to prove this frame thing is my new obsession- I made my third trip for cheap frames, as well as a spray paint reinforcement, last night.  The frames turned out to be duds (the glass wouldn’t fit back in after removing it), but I got a frame that I have been looking for for a certain set of prints I took in San Francisco last year:


My “Feet on Streets” grouping.

I’ve been searching for a set of four frame like this to put my fun pictures of my feet with the street names.

In San Francisco, the street names are carved into the sidewalk all fun like this, and I fancied taking pictures of my feet whenever I found myself stopped at one.  And I thought a framed grouping might be a nice memory of my walks around San Fran.  I have several more to fill that last empty slot, I just need to get em printed!

And lo and behold, a year later, for 1.50 at Goodwill, I found just the one.

I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out.  And I immediately texted the girlfriend I made the trip with my results, and she happens to be in San Fran again right now visiting her sweet seester.

Frames, frames, frames!  So pictorally happy right now, thanks to Goodwill.

Do you shop the home section at Goodwill too?

Happy thrifting and living,

Jaime ❤

Representing Goodwill in San Fran

Representing Goodwill in San Fran

I did wear quite a few Goodwill staples out first day walking around the city, so. I guess I should post those as well! 🙂 Hopefully each picture shows up!

The scarf I got when I was in Tampa a month ago and went thrifting with my Mom, it was $2!

The boots are from Goodwill from Target, and I got them last year in CT.

The bag is from Goodwill in Nashville on Charlotte Pike. It’s oversized off-white from H&M and I got it for $5.99.

Now about the pictures:).

The first is of me putting some photography skills to use on Grant St, with the beautiful church on Washington St. in the background. My friend snapped this for me.

The second, nice full body shot with all items in view (didn’t even plan that:) is going down the steps of the coit tower. This tower offers amazing views of the bay with sailboats and blue water galore, the bay bridge, and the quaint city dotted with beautiful architecture. Also, the walls on the main floor are covered in a mural by none other than Diego Rivera of the city’s main spots and hustle and bustle from years ago.

The last picture is of me standing in said tower. Being a tourist and loving it. In my Goodwill scarf.


On Vacation- San Francisco Treat :-)

On Vacation- San Francisco Treat :-)

So I wanted to just write a quick post to let everyone know I am on vacation (since Wednesday) until Tuesday in beautiful Oakland, CA and San Francisco. And when I get back I will start sharing lovely finds again, but until then I’ll try and post some pictures from this trip. The only problem is that from my phone I only know how to post one picture at a time, so I will painfully have to choose one! Most of them are on my Canon, but I do have some awesome ones on my phone as well- it’s San Fran!! Beautiful out here.

This picture is of Lombardy St. I’m sure all of you know of San Francisco’s hilly reputation (it’s crazy!!!) well it’s true. This street is SO steep that they had to make it windy so cars could drive down it. They filled the area between each twist and turn with beautiful gardens, and that with the city and the bay and bay bridge in the background is just breathtaking.

This is the ‘view from the top’.

From here we walked back down to Fisherman’s wharf, which is another great little touristy area. There we saw a seal hangout area- so cool! At least 50 of ’em congregated bathing in the sun or trying to stir up trouble with some other seals. The way they can throw their huge bodies just right up out of the water onto a dock or rock is amazing! I could watch those guys for hours.