You see a tie…

I see a headband!

IMG_3491 IMG_3492IMG_3470

(you all should know, while taking this picture I had my camera turned towards me and got accosted by a salesperson because my phone was facing outward and she thought I was taking a picture of the general store.  something that apparently is not allowed, and upset her very much.  i hide the trauma well, I know)

You’re welcome ladies.

Now I have given you something to do with a whole new section of the thrift store that was, until now, as relevant as a landline telephone to you.

Put ’em in your hair.

And tie ’em in a bow.

And be pretty.

Just make sure it’s a somewhat girly pattern.

Or not.

Whatever floats that boat.

So it is somewhat noticeable that it is a tie…and not a scarf or actual headband dear me…

but trust me this is good, because then you can get people who will come up to you and say,

“Is that I tie?  That’s so cool!!  What a good idea!”

It’s already happened.  Once.

So I like compliments and attention.

Why do you think I started a blog??


Pick one that is

a) not very stiff so that it ties easily and

b) is somewhat skinny so it is also more tie-able and it won’t awkwardly peek out to say hello from behind your head quite as much as wider one will.

We get the attention.  Not the tie.  It must reck’nize.  (too far?)

At the register, I had to choose just one of these lovely patterns as she sadly informed me only clothing was half off.  Apparently a tie is not clothing, its an accessory.  I couldn’t bring myself to pay the full $2.99 for both, when expecting to happily pay half that.  So of course after making sure she really thought a tie wasn’t clothing…I requested the her opinion and we settled on blue.  I love the brown one, but the blue does bring out my eyes.

But so does brown.

Ahhh, I had to make a decision or leave with neither.

I’m gonna leave you with some action/outfit shots of the burnt orange life in progress shorts I recently purchased and shared with you two posts ago:

IMG_3499 IMG_3497

Do ya like my color pop necklace?

Tank, Old Navy, Beaded Necklace, 2nd Chance Shop in Glastonbury, CT

I wore this outfit when my friend stopped over for some heated up Trader Joes homemade dinner the other night and I decided to throw something on other than gray cotton shorts and a tee, and be a proper host.

Also, I like to look good.

So go out and find your own tie headband and show me what you come up with!  We gotta find a use for all these old Father’s Day presents that none of them really needed.  Who really needs another tie??

Well, your head does:)

Peace and Happy thrifting,


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Pillowcase Gifts…and other fun things

041     048038047046 033051 059


Gap navy blue skinny capri khakis, stitching down the front leg, just my size (and taste)! $5.99

Vintage Couture wall art, just my taste! $gifted from my Mom, the original goodwill-aholic {and role model}.

New from Target black Champion fleece jacket, $12

Purple and orange Avia workout pullover hoodie, $3

New from Target brown faux leather boots, just my size, $15

I wore the top outfit to work today, and thought I’d share it with y’all!  The pants and boots were purchased within the past two months at my local Goodwill boutique.

The wall art was sitting on my bed waiting for me when I got home as a gift from my dear Mom.  She knows of my love for all things Vintage and Couture, and so found it hard not to snap these up for me.  Not much better than coming home to gifts sitting on your pillowcase, am I right?

The black fleece has served me very well in my homecoming in September to CT and to a very harsh winter.  I came home from warm TN with not much winter wear to speak of, and Goodwill (plus some great Christmas sales at Old Navy) have helped stock me back up.

Lastly, the Avia workout top was another of my purchases I bought with the grouping I blogged about last night, in “A Smattering of Things”.  I knew there was something missing in that post!  The morning I found and purchased this top, I said to  myself, “I need a workout pullover for when I go to the gym or want to run outside with my dog…”


(I just happen to have an adorable picture of him.  Baker Jones.  Black lab/Shepherd extraordinairre.  Look, I can spell extraordinairre:)

and in true Goodwill fashion, I found one.  I love when that happens.

Lastly, I will share with you some action shots of my new Forever XXI cropped knitted sweater:


(You see?  Way in the corner….:)  Watching my adorable and crazy nephew Luke,


and after a wonderful last minute potluck dinner with friends in the second.  It’s versatile enough for both events.  The mark of a great sweater.

The gal on the left is my thrifting compatriot:)  Her pants (which you can’t see…because I smartly deleted the picture in which you could…) are White House Black Market from Goodwill, for less than $10.  You’ll have to take my word that they look great.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please share with me your finds and thoughts and go out and support shopping second hand, good causes, and saving money!  Experience the thrill of the hunt:)


Alex’s 6th Birthday Trip

There was a little girl named Alex, and she loved horses, just like her aunt.

And the day before her sixth birthday she had her third horseriding lesson,

 where her family came and watched,

including her younger sister (whose passion is gymnastics, if you couldn’t tell, she is a stretchy little one)

and also her new cousin, (whose passion is sleeping and eating)

and after took her out to lunch at her favorite coffee shop.

(don’t let her fool you, she got TWO muffins because it was her birthday, but like a true lady, did not want them in the picture with her:)

When lunch was over, as she requested, her aunt jay jay and her gammy took her to Goodwill.

On the way she said, “I really want to find a big pink teddy bear with a bow tie.”

And amazingly enough, as she walked through the aisle, perusing the piles and piles of stuffed animals on top of the clothing racks, she came upon this,

A big pink stuffed teddy bear with a bow tie.  And she put it in her cart to bring home with her.

But she was not done with Goodwill that day.  She had to make sure there was nothing else there for her.  And so she walked further to the back of the store and saw this,

put there seemingly just for her for her 6th birthday.

An old fashioned bouncing horse.  She immediately jumped on and knew she would have hours of countless fun and had to bring it home as well.  She even named it Jiggles because of how it jiggled as she rode.  Her aunt knew she would pay at most $20 anything so she could bring it home with her for her birthday.  But it was only 7.50, half off its original price of $15.

It made her aunt happy that the Goodwill fairies seem to show her niece the same favor they do her.

And they did not leave her aunt out that day either, as they led her to this

A knee length Calving Klein kelly green wool car coat, for 12.50.

And also to these,

Talbot’s patent leather flats, perfect size 7, (they know how to make a girl feel like Cinderella) also half of of $8.00 for $4.00.

Yes it was a happy day before her sixth birthday for Alexandra, and her aunt Jay Jay.

Thanks Goodwill!

(in case you didn’t catch on…I am the aunt:)

Variety is the Spice of Life

Its been a few days, and I have so much to update:)  Last Friday I finally made it to donate my two little piles to Goodwill, and of course couldn’t leave without a few new items of my own. 

There they are.  It was a coat day!

Today was the day I ventured in to the self timer photo shoot thing….Let me know how ya think I did:)  I had fun!

Numero Uno:

Khaki Medium Weight Trench Coat by Mossimo for Target, 15.99. 

I was not so excited about this price tag, since the other two coats I had picked up before this one were 5.99 each, I kind of assumed this would follow suit….but I liked it so much I laid down the extra ten and brought it home, and since then many other places, with me:)

Here’s a shot of this jacket in action:

That’s me and Ben Franklin.  Hanging out in Lieper’s Fork.  We like to sit and chat sometimes.  He liked the coat and was proud of me for not spending too much on it.  I said “I try, Ben, I try”

Side note, if you ever visit Nashville, make a trip South to Lieper’s Fork, one of the cutest, truest little Southern towns you could visit, with art galleries, shops, motorcyclists, a deli and little diner, and more.  

I was very excited to discover the self portrait setting on my camera where it takes 3 separate pictures one after the other about a second apart each.  If this doesn’t make you feel like a super model, I don’t know what will.  I only wish there was a setting where you could take twenty pictures back to back.  Heck, I wouldn’t get anything else done!

A lovely Houndstooth cropped coat, by Senso, 5.99. 

Yes, winter is coming to an end, but when will a classic houndstooth coat ever really go out of style?  I’ll wear it next year, thank you.  And I think it really complements my new red lipstick nicely:)

Blue track jacket with flower design, 5.99.  Old Navy. 

So cute, and it matches my eyes, how could I say no? 

That’s me giving a thumbs up to the flower, if you couldn’t tell. 

Just proving it really is my first day with the whole self timer camera thing…this was my ONLY mishap…I swear….

That was the end of that day’s finds.  I have been looking for a nice trench coat, and was glad to have find it at Goodwill. 

And then yesterday….

I went to Nashville’s all but forgotten to me, third Goodwill location in East Nasvhille. 

Now, if you were from Nashville, this East Nashville location alone would be enough reason to why it was all but forgotten to me.   

But for those who do not hail from these parts…let me esplain.  (said like ricardo from I love Lucy)  I live in West Nashville.  West and East Nashville rarely meet.  Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but it is quite a divide.  In my opinion, people from East Nashville tend to have a very high opinion of themselves, and I think it is a requirement to grow a beard and wear skinny jeans, guy or girl (the jeans, not the beard) if you live over there.  They are their own breed, and are almost too cool to exist in this world.  Quite frankly, when I see an East Nashvillian, I wonder how they can even stand to be in their own presence sometimes, they exert so much coolness!  Anyway, I think you get the point:

I’m from West Nashville, and I don’t think to go over there often, EVEN to visit the Goodwill. 

It may also be because I have never had much luck at that particular Goodwill in the past, and I, like most people, stick with what works.  But that is just too simple of an explanation.  I like to KICS, not KISS.  “keep it complicated, stupid”.   Don’t ask why. 

But yesterday, I happened to be in the area, because I needed to pick up my car.  Yes, this girl is actually friends with one East Nashvillian I happened to be celebrating the National Holiday of Superbowl the day before (what, it’s not a national holiday?  Well, as full as I was, after eating most of this:


that would be death by chocolate, Oreo version, black bean and avocado salad, and buffalo chicken dip that I made.  Mouth watering yet?

it might as well have been either Christmas or Thanksgiving)

However, all that food still did not keep me from getting a little too tipsy to drive, and I left my car there over night.

After my friend dropped me off to pick it up the next day, I thought, as one often does, what to do next?  I had a couple of hours to kill. 

And that is when I realized that if I turned my steering wheel right instead of left… I would find less than just a mile down the road that oft forgotten East Nashville Goodwill.  So I said, why not? 

There I picked up this lovely find:


Jacket by NuLu, 12.99. 

I think I’m set on jackets for a while:)  It’s like when it rains it pours!  Which will be fine for me in this jacket, because it has a zip off hood.  Something I lost about a year ago on my actual rain jacket. 

Another thing I love about this jacket is the randomness:


This pocket has one snap and one button.  This made me very happy So absolutely random! 

If that wasn’t enough, the other pocket has two buttons, but they are both different!

And it has a zipper across the top!  When will the excitement end??

 Who said pocket enclosures all had to be the same?  Not these jacket makers, that’s for sure!:) 

Variety is the spice of life, right?  Right.

 Another of my favorite parts is the cinching in the back with a cute little tie. 

All in all, a good Goodwill trip.  I still don’t think I will make it a point to go over there, unless I already happen to be.

Well, I am jacketed out for now.  Let’s hope for chilly spring so I can represent and wear these finds out and about as much as I can, and make that Goodwill dollar go far.  At least I won’t have to worry about being cold for a little bit:) 

In other news, I got two compliments this morning on my emille m. teal purse I got about two weeks ago that I have been using lately.  ( See picture above of me and Ben Franklin)  Both compliments were from ladies who I will be working with at a nursery school.  Good to know they have good taste.  It would be hard to make it work otherwise.  Just kidding.  It’s what’s on the inside that really counts!  I remember!

Happy Goodwilling.  Show me some of your favorite finds and leave me some love!  And go support your local Goodwill/thrift stores.  They do good work!

Are you good at self portraits?

I’m gonna be!

Do you love to be in front of a camera?  Or do anything possible to stay away from being in front of a lens?

I think we know the answer to this…I dont mind a shot here and there….or anywhere.

Have you ever bought a jacket at Goodwill? 


Did you get super stuffed on Superbowl, if so, what did you eat?