I Guess Eyelet You See My Skirt…

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I love a good eyelet covered piece of clothing.

I love it even more when it’s a skirt paired with tights and boots.

I got this skirt at my local Goodwill for $4.99.  It is a boutique Target brand, and was bought new from Target by Goodwill and then purchased and worn by me.  For those of you that don’t read regularly, the boots are also from Goodwill and bought by them from Target.  I bought them new at Goodwill for $15 and wear them regularly.

While wearing this skirt at a coffee shop (you may have heard of it- Starbucks?), I wrote the lyrics to a lovely new song, inspired by an older gentleman sitting by himself and wearing an FDNY cap on his head.  Here is a picture of the lyrics on my lap, read if you’d like:


I would have snapped a picture of him, believe me I wish I had, but didn’t really find an appropriate time or reason to do so.

You can hear a couple more of my songs…a little self promotion if you will…at www.reverbnation.com/jaimenelson.  Click away!!!:)  I hope to have some more originals, maybe this one? up soon!  I love recording, its one of my favorite things.

I don’t have many new recent purchases in addition to this, so I thought I’d snap a picture of what I see from my desk as I write this to show some of my Goodwill purchases in action making my room look pretty:

This is the view from my desk:



The picture board and the flower wall art are both from Goodwill.  I can’t remember the price of the flower art, but I’m sure it was around $2-$3, and the picture board was $4.

And you should all remember, my productivity increasing wonder…my $13 computer desk, sitting below it all:


Oh, I’m not done….

When I turn around, I find…


My excellent condition vintage (circa 70’s?) end table, $10, last October.

It is holding my pink iPhone dock which charges, plays music from my iPhone, and also has a radio, that I got for $8 last Fall.  Pretty sweet.

In case you all didn’t believe I was really truly completely in mind, body and spirit, obsessed, with Goodwill, now hopefully you do.

The finds there are endless, as I hope you all have or will someday soon realize!

Happy thrifting and may the thrifting force be with you:)