Statement Necklace Week- Plato’s Closet Find

Statement Necklace Week- Plato's Closet Find

Coral/pink beaded and cloth string statement necklace- Plato’s Closet, $4.99

By statement necklace ‘week’, I clearly mean that I wore one on Tuesday (see best khaki blazer post), and one on Wednesday (FYI- I did just say wed-nes-day in my head), this qualifies as week.

Anyway, that is a great price for a statement necklace. I love finding these deals, because I LOVE statement necklaces, but do not love their statement prices. My favorite part of this necklace is the cloth string it is strung on. I love that style.

Great places I have found ststement necklaces at reasonable prices are Platos Closet (a second hand clothing consignment store) and Burlingon Coat Factory, a very large well known department store that I do not need to add an explanation for, but still did.

At Burlington, the necklaces generally come with matching earrings, which at first I tuned by nose up at.

What am I, 90? Or a Stepford housewife? Matching earring and necklace? No.

And then…each time I went to wear my statement necklace from Burlington, and choose earrings to ‘match’…well, funny, I guess those designers knew what they were doing, cause I chose the ‘matching’ earrings. Each time.

Eat my words.

I think it worked because the coordinated earrings were always decently small, to balance out with the necklace.

The specific earrings I am referring to I am actually wearing in this picture, (not with their matching necklace, to be clear). I quite like them. Simple but pretty. Just enough to say, “I took the time to hang something pretty from my ears today, just for you.”

That’s the kind of statement I like to make with my ears, when wearing a statement necklace, I guess.

Have I said statement enough?

Hope you liked this necklace picture, enough to follow me and tell all your friends to as well. Maybe?

Well, sleep on it.

Thanks for stopping by, more great finds and stories to come!

Happy thrifting and living!

-Jaime ❤


Fashion Frugality How To



IMG_3076 IMG_3073 IMG_3106

This whole outift, head to toe, is under $50.

Believe it?

You should.

Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory, on clearance for $6.98 last Friday

Jeans: Goodwill (NY&Co.) $7.99

Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory, $9.99

Earrings: Family Dollar, $1

Shoes: Payless Shoe Source, Half off in a BOGO sale, 17.50

As you all know, I am a Goodwill aficionado, and find absolutely great deals there.  However, it is by far from the only place I find good deals.  I impress myself all the time with my fashion frugality.

So I would like to start impressing you and share with you great finds in addition to the ones I discover at Goodwill.  Hopefully you will be inspired and will believe that you DO NOT need to pay full price or break the bank (how does one break a bank anyway?) to look FABULOUS.

You can read about when I bought the jeans here.

I still love them.  In case you are of the lazy type and don’t want to click on that link and go to a WHOLE ‘nother web page, I got them for $7.99 and they are NY&Co Jeggings, although they do still have a zipper and button and are very substantial jeans.  Basically, I don’t agree with the jegging label, but that is what it says on the tag.

One may argue (as I do sometimes with myself) that if you are getting a good deal, it is because someone else doesn’t want it and it’s just an ugly piece of clothing that no one should own.

Not so.

I do pay, on the rare occasion, full price for items that I really truly feel in my heart are worth it.  Items that I won’t have nights of sleepless regret over.  And I get wonderful compliments on said items, and I accept said compliments graciously like a Lady.


I get many compliments on my bargains as well.  Just as many.

Case in point.

When trying on the lovely white shirt a lady actually walked up to me and told me it looked so good that I needed to buy one in every color.  Of course this just upset me because it was on clearance and I knew in my heart there were no other colors.

This did not stop me from looking.

I didn’t find anything.

But, my point is, I got a compliment not only while trying the shirt on, but once again last night while wearing it at an industry party at Bar 308 (awesome place if you ever get the chance to check it out).  Two compliments and it only cost me $6.98.  I am growing to refrain myself from responding to a compliment with the place and price I got it for and instead simply saying “Thank you.”

I was so excited to find a shirt of this style that fit well.  I have been wanting one since February when I first saw this style in a Target ad.  And now I own a wonderfully hobo sheik one that can be embellished with one of my many statement necklaces.

Lastly, as if the Universe knew I was going to write this post today,  this happened.  The lady sitting next to me at California Pizza Kitchen where I had lunch with my new friend, asked me where I got the earrings in this outfit from because she ABSOLUTELY LOVED them.

Family Dollar.

I was almost embarrassed to tell her.  Not because of myself but because she may be embarrassed that she liked jewelry from such a place.  Luckily, she seemed okay after the information was shared.  She didn’t immediately melt into a pile of shame on the floor of CPK.

Incidentally, I have since failed to see any more jewelry at Family Dollar.  Maybe it was a fluke that they were selling it there that day, but it just proves, you should always be on the lookout for a fashion deal.  You never know where they are going to pop up.

Happy shopping, and always, thrifting.


Half-Off Saturday and Vintage Skirts

I don’t know what kind of Goodwill-aholic I would be if I hadn’t made it to half off Saturday today, which takes place the first glorious Saturday of every month.  And this half off business is no exaggeration.  The entire store is, HALF OFF.  When does that ever happen?  I forget how awesome it feels to walk in, find something you like, and just cut the price in half, just like that.  Oh, that dress is $7.99?  I think I’ll pay $4, yes?  There is no ‘just the color green is half off’, or ‘.99 but only on Wednesdays’.  Nope, it’s the entire store, no exceptions.  Name brands included (take that Macy’s:)  It is a great feeling.  I will have to make sure I get to it more often than I do.

I must admit, I almost missed it today as well.  I work at 3:00 on Saturdays at a Restaurant, and did not make it before I went in to work.  Since I usually get out between 9 and 10, it would have made it difficult for me to get to Goodwill before the 8:00 closing time.  (I’ve always been good at telling time).  However, enter an incredibly slow Saturday night.  My manager cut me (restaurant lingo for ‘you can go home’; I was not injured or hurt in any way, although my wallet may be for lack of money made…hence I shop at Goodwill!) at 6:00.  Ok, all you mathematicians out there, this leaves me 2 hours to get home, play with my beautiful puppy Baker, and get to Goodwill, before closing time.  I think it can be done.

I left my house for Goodwill at 7:35.  As some of you may know, I am a short 5 minute drive to my local Goodiwll.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  And maybe I could have done better on time and leaving my house earlier…but I stopped to eat dinner somewhere in there as well.  Or maybe I just wanted to prove the point I made in my last post; Goodwill shopping does not take ‘loads of time’ as some people like to argue.  And it sure didn’t this time; I found three great items by closing time, which was 15 minutes after I got there.  Although I may have waited to go to the register until I heard someone say over the intercom “literally, if you don’t bring your items to the register now, we will consider you a donated item and mark you with a price tag and put you on the shelve”.  Maybe a slight exagerration, but lets just say I used up all of my 15 minutes that I had in the store:)

And here is what I found:

Great grey straight leg Gap Jeans, $3.75.  (Half off of $7.49)

That would be  discount of around 93%, assuming the pants were around $60 in the store, which is a safe assumption.

These fit me like a glove, at size 8, and I found them sitting right on the end of the pants rack.  Just waiting for me.  Remember what I said about not needing a lot of time?  Just need to open your eyes.  Ok, I will stop belaboring that point now, and move on….

to my next find!

Awesome faded high waisted jean skirt by Johnathon Williamson for Impulse only at Macy’s, $2.14.  (Half off of $4.29)

I mean is that real?  $2.14 for a skirt?  Sometimes I just don’t know.  I love this skirt.  I love it for several reasons, the obvious being how good it looks…. :-0…

and the less obvious- to you all at least, is that just earlier that day I went looking for a high waisted pair of shorts (not quite a skirt, but close enough) at an actual mall.  And I did not find anything.  This, coincidentally is what contributed to me not having time to make it to Goodwill before work.   Anyway, I should have known better than to try a mall before Goodwill.  When I went to Goodwill I was thinking I would find an actual vintage pair of high waisted shorts or skirt with it being Goodwill and all, but these are not.  They are contemporay or’fake’ vintage as you I guess you could call it.  But as I said, I still love them.  And will wear the dickens out of em!

And I think I also proved how versatile each item was by wearing the same top and necklace in each photo.  That or I didn’t really feel like changing.  I’ll let you decide.

And last, but not least,

a comfortable cotton bluish-grey knee length skirt, by Mossimo from Target.  Also $2.14.  (Half off of $4.29)

I got this because I work at a pre-school and we aren’t allowed to wear shorts of a certain length, but it gets quite hot for jeans…enter skirts.  Comfortable skirts.  This skirt will be perfect to let me run around and play with the kiddies, but be respectfully dressed and not too sweaty while doing it.

Notice I took the necklace off for the casual shot.  This is not to say I can’t wear the necklace to pre-school, I can; I  just thought I’d switch it up a bit for you.   There is really never a bad time to wear a necklace like that.

Since I had advice in my last post, I will leave you with a random non-Goodwill related piece, although I did hear it on the radio as I was leaving Goodwill,

“Keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart”  -Eli Young Band (check em out)

Whatever that dream may be….

Are you all having an awesome weekend so far?  Well if not, you’ve still got a day to turn it around!

I’m working a lot….but always find time for fun:)

What are some of your favorite skirt finds at Goodwill/thrift stores?

Too many….but the above jean one may be a rival for the top spot.