3-in-1: Such a Handi-Woman Am I

3-in-1: Such a Handi-Woman Am I

Ok, maybe not really.

This 3 in 1 tool is the only tool I own, since losing the nice tool kit my stepdad (at goodwill coincidentally) got me a few years ago when I moved out of state.

The handle of the hammer unscrews into a flathead and a Phillips head screwdriver, for 1.99 at Goodwill.

And, it’s pink ūüôā

I have used it for many a unscrewing lightbulb fixtures to change…the light, so far. I’m sure it has more adventures to come, but it’s nice to not feel so completely helpless and tool-less since losing my first tool box.

And it’s pink ūüôā

Happy thrifting,

Jaime ‚̧



I Guess Eyelet You See My Skirt…

093 092 018020

I love a good eyelet covered piece of clothing.

I love it even more when it’s a skirt paired with tights and boots.

I got this skirt at my local Goodwill for $4.99.¬† It is a boutique Target brand, and was bought new from Target by Goodwill and then purchased and worn by me.¬† For those of you that don’t read regularly, the boots are also from Goodwill and bought by them from Target.¬† I bought them new at Goodwill for $15 and wear them regularly.

While wearing this skirt at a coffee shop (you may have heard of it- Starbucks?), I wrote¬†the lyrics to a¬†lovely new song, inspired by an older gentleman sitting by himself and wearing an FDNY cap on his head.¬† Here is a picture of the lyrics on my lap, read if you’d like:


I would have snapped a picture of him, believe me I wish I had, but didn’t really find an appropriate time or reason to do so.

You can hear a couple more of my songs…a little self promotion if you will…at www.reverbnation.com/jaimenelson.¬† Click away!!!:)¬† I hope to have some more originals, maybe this one? up soon!¬† I love recording, its one of my favorite things.

I don’t have many new recent purchases in addition to this, so I thought I’d snap a picture of what I see from my desk as I write this to show some of my Goodwill purchases in action making my room look pretty:

This is the view from my desk:



The picture board and the flower wall art are both from Goodwill.¬† I can’t remember the price of the flower art, but I’m sure it was around $2-$3, and the picture board was $4.

And you should all remember, my productivity increasing wonder…my $13 computer desk, sitting below it all:


Oh, I’m not done….

When I turn around, I find…


My excellent condition vintage (circa 70’s?) end table, $10, last October.

It is holding my pink iPhone dock which charges, plays music from my iPhone, and also has a radio, that I got for $8 last Fall.  Pretty sweet.

In case you all didn’t believe I was really truly completely in mind, body and spirit, obsessed, with Goodwill, now hopefully you do.

The finds there are endless, as I hope you all have or will someday soon realize!

Happy thrifting and may the thrifting force be with you:)



Purses, Khakis and Home Decor for the soul…

Purses, khakis and home decor for the soul….

Blog 308

Blog 311

Awesome wooden purse with top metal clasp, $6.99

Blog 320Blog 321

 New from Target Mossimo fun pinkish red khakis with belt and tags, $4.99

(that light follows me around…you’ll notice)


J. Crew wide leg flat front khakis, perfect condition, $7.99

Blog 299

Large framed flower Wall Art, $20

Blog 314

Retro diner statement wall art, $9.99

Blog 313

Mint Condition Vera Bradley quilted purse, $17.99

Blog 315 Blog 317

Find of the year…Computer table (slash¬†excess of jewelry and hat table in my house….), $12.99.

I did not purchase either one of the purses, but thought I should still share with you what amazing stuff you can find there.¬† The wood purse is truly one of a kind being all solid wood, and such a nice pattern engraved all over the outside, for only $6.99.¬† The Vera Bradley is a steal as well, as her purses start at $50 and up.¬†¬† I already have this same exact purse (thanks Mom) in another pattern, so didn’t really feel spending $18 on another was completely necessary.

I love my new pink khakis.¬† There is really not much more I can say about that.¬† I’ve worn them two days in a row, the first two days that I owned them, and they are now in the wash.¬† I¬†would like to point out that¬†the lovely J.Crew blue striped blouse I am wearing with them I purchased, not at Goodwill, but at Savers, another thrift store¬†(I do shop elsewhere) for $4.99.¬† The whole outfit was under $10.00.

Speaking of ‘ol J.Crew, I also love my J.Crew khakis.¬† When will you ever find J.Crew khakis for $7.99??¬† Such a good deal.¬† I especially loved when I found these because I had just gotten a job at a school and felt I needed more than just jeans to wear, so I went to Goodwill looking specifically for khakis and slacks, rather than perusing the aisles for whatever treasures I can find.¬† And I found these that could not have been more perfect for what I was looking for.¬† Goodwill wins again.

Need to redecorate or decorate for the first time?¬† Goodwill has ya!¬† These two pieces, both very different, are awesome!¬† Just like the purses, I did not get either one because I am about to get a roommate and I am not sure exactly what her tastes are yet or what kind of art she even needs.¬† But I would have gone for the retro diner shot¬†if I had because…A) It’s the cheaper one B) It’s the more fun one:)

I DID, however, buy. this. desk.¬†$12.99!!! Are you joking??¬† Goodwill sometimes doesn’t quite hit the mark in it’s pricing.¬† Sometimes it is in your favor and sometimes not.¬† This price, $12.99 for a dark mahogany computer desk with a working sliding drawer, was definitely a price miss, and in my favor.¬† If there hadn’t been three of the same price tag on it, I would have assumed a stray price tag had landed on it.¬†¬†But it didn’t, and¬†now I am¬†super organized and productive now that I have it…I mean, I will be:)¬† It’s only¬†been two days.¬†¬†And it is very nice that my computer (and hats and bracelets) now has a place to call home, in addition to my bed and the floor.¬† It is no longer in danger of being sleepily stepped on in the morning.¬† Happy day for him.¬† My computer is a male apparently….

So happy with all my finds lately!! I hope you enjoyed looking at them!

Are you a treasure hunter, or do you go thrifting on a mission looking for something specific each time?  I am very impressed if you do!

Happy thrifting,


Vintage wonderfulness and Plaid

$16.73 for all of the following finds…



I got this awesome flowery, short sleeve vintage top by Frejani with puffed sleeves, shoulder pads, and a thick black¬†elastic band around the waist and the outer half of the sleeves.¬† So cute.¬† I’m not sure what decade this hails from, but I love it.¬† Here is a close up of the tag and the pattern:

IMG_1877 IMG_1879

I also got this great eye glasses pin, $3, I am in love with it, it even has the little fake string to hold eye glasses around your neck!


I should have taken a picture of me wearing it to show the full size, but it is no more than 2″ across.¬† Not too large.¬† And now my bosom will be able to see oh¬†so well:)¬† 20/20 I hope.

H&M plaid shirt, $4.99:




I thought you might want a few different angles.¬† Dizzy yet? ūüôā

I love the blue color, it really makes my eyes POP.¬† And you can’t beat the price, as always.

My last purchase was a great faux leather brown purse, with a gold placard on the outside pocket:


And me modeling it very well.¬† I think I missed my calling as a purse model…

I only got this purse to get myself up to a $20 total.¬† This is because I have a 25% off discount off of¬†one purchase over $20 because it is¬†my birthday month (yay!).¬† Now because I find such great deals, I don’t go over $20 a lot in one purchase, so since I was already buying everything else for $15, I knew that (being the math prodigy I am) 25% off of 20 was the same as $15.¬† So whatever else I picked out I would basically be getting for free (if it was around $5).¬†¬†This purse was $6,¬†so it seemed as good as any, if not better!

Lastly, I forgot to take a picture, but I got a large hard cover book about photography for $3.¬† It is old enough that it doesn’t even have tips for digital cameras in it, but I still thought I could garner some basic photography information from it.

So the grand total for all of the above items….was, drumroll……

$16.73!!! (after 25% birthday discount).

Not bad for two shirts (one authentic vintage), an awesome pin, a great bag, and a photography book.

If last week was half off week (everything I bought was the half off color of the week and therefore super super cheap), this week was the EXACT opposite.  Everything I got had a blue tag on it, which is the color of all the NEW stuff arriving at that Goodwill this week.  Meaning, it has two more weeks after this one before it is the half off color of the week.  Too long to wait for such cool stuff.  Too long.

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy thrifting!  Please go out and support shopping second hand, your fashion addictions, and all the good causes that Goodwill and thrift stores in general support in so many ways.

Love, Jaime

Pillowcase Gifts…and other fun things

041     048038047046 033051 059


Gap navy blue skinny capri khakis, stitching down the front leg, just my size (and taste)! $5.99

Vintage Couture wall art, just my taste! $gifted from my Mom, the original goodwill-aholic {and role model}.

New from Target black Champion fleece jacket, $12

Purple and orange Avia workout pullover hoodie, $3

New from Target brown faux leather boots, just my size, $15

I wore the top outfit to work today, and thought I’d share it with y’all!¬† The pants and boots were purchased within the past two months at my local Goodwill boutique.

The wall art was sitting on my bed waiting for me when I got home as a gift from my dear Mom.  She knows of my love for all things Vintage and Couture, and so found it hard not to snap these up for me.  Not much better than coming home to gifts sitting on your pillowcase, am I right?

The black fleece has served me very well in my homecoming in September to CT and to a very harsh winter.  I came home from warm TN with not much winter wear to speak of, and Goodwill (plus some great Christmas sales at Old Navy) have helped stock me back up.

Lastly, the Avia workout top was another of my purchases I bought with¬†the grouping I blogged about last night, in “A Smattering of Things”.¬† I knew there was something missing in that post!¬† The morning I found and purchased this top, I said to¬† myself, “I need a workout pullover for when I go to the gym or want to run outside with my dog…”


(I just happen to have an adorable picture of him.  Baker Jones.  Black lab/Shepherd extraordinairre.  Look, I can spell extraordinairre:)

and in true Goodwill fashion, I found one.  I love when that happens.

Lastly, I will share with you some action shots of my new Forever XXI cropped knitted sweater:


(You see?¬† Way in the corner….:)¬† Watching my adorable and crazy nephew Luke,


and after a wonderful last minute potluck dinner with friends in the second.¬† It’s versatile enough for both events.¬† The mark of a great sweater.

The gal on the left is my thrifting compatriot:)¬† Her pants (which you can’t see…because I smartly deleted the picture in which you could…) are White House Black Market from Goodwill, for less than $10.¬† You’ll have to take my word that they look great.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please share with me your finds and thoughts and go out and support shopping second hand, good causes, and saving money!  Experience the thrill of the hunt:)


Successful Research…Jackpot

After writing my blog post yesterday, I decided I needed to go do¬†a little ‘research’ for the next post, and…

051   064054070    058069067



All of this, pictured above, plus a pair of black strappy sandals.

Well, I should be clear, I got all the tops and the flats pictured by themselves above.

In order from top left, clockwise:

-Maroon knitted cropped Forver 21 sweater, 3.00

-Coral canvas flats (that appear brand new, for those nervous about buying shoes 2nd hand), 4.00

(Same Forver 21 sweater)

-Yellow flowery ruffly tank top, THX, 3.99

-Xhilaration plaid chiffon babydoll top, 4.99

-Ann Taylor Coral Cardigan, 2.00

-Black strappy flat sandals (not pictured) Kelly & Kate, 2.00

I should explain how all of the above was ONLY $24.¬† That is cheap, even for me.¬† All of the items, except for the flats and the yellow tank, were the color of the week, and therefore half off.¬† This means if they hadn’t been half off, my total would have been about $45.¬† Still good, but not quite as amazing.

It pays to look for that color red…or green…or yellow…or blue…just check the sign when you walk in the door:)

If interested, the necklace worn with the Coral cardigan, I bought at a store in a casino mall in Niagara falls, ON for $5.

The necklace pictured with the maroon sweater I got at MUSE boutique in Nashville, TN, USA with a groupon I had purchased to that boutique.

The bracelet seen in all the pictures is Alex and Ani charm bracelet, gifted from my mother, sold at many different retailers.

I also found out on this trip, being my birthday month, that I have a 25% off over any 20$ purchase that I can use any time this month.  So that is something to look forward to and maybe save for a bigger purchase.  Goodwill always has good surprises for me:).

Happy thrifting and come again soon!


A Smattering of Things…

There will really be no theme to this post…because I have found so much good stuff in the past couple months of working part time (less work = more time to thrift, albeit less money to thrift with…:(, so I will post the stuff I have already taken pictures of, with no rhyme or reason to a theme between the items.

I will start however, with showing you wonderful people, the books.¬† Good book finds at Goodwill are few and far between, but when they happen, they happen.¬† These two books are making it to the top of my all time favorites list, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a good read.¬† And I am also very excited because I have a cool story (at least I think its cool, you can be the judge for yourself ūüôā to go with one of the finds.¬† I found these two books



a couple months ago.¬† (Sidenote- do you love my new bed spread in the background??:)¬† And as much as I love to read, I haven’t seemed to find the time in the last 6 months or so.¬† So two plane trips to Nashville and back provided the perfect amount of time to finish both books, almost. The second flight landed a few pages shy of¬†me finishing “How to be Good” ūüė¶ The pilot clearly did not get the memo about the book I was trying to finish and did not circle the runway a few more times for me.¬† And I have yet to complete it…¬† But still, both books provided the perfect distraction from small seats and sitting all too close to people I have never met before and generally have no desire to meet again.

I know you are waiting in anticipation of the ‘cool’ story.¬† Well, here it is.¬† On the first flight, I had “The Glass Castle” in my purse and ready to read.¬† Being the nosy person I am, I noticed the gal sitting directly in front of me was engrossed in a book of her own.¬† Inconspicuously peering over her shoulder to see what book she is reading, I saw it was none other than the Glass Castle!!¬† This excites me more than you could know.¬† I love a good coincidence.¬† And I have found out since that it is a somewhat popular book, but up until that point, all I knew of it was I picked it up at Goodwill for a $1 because it said something along the lines of “NY Times Bestseller” on the front…a little known qualifier of good writing, you may have heard of it:).¬† So to see a random girl reading it in front of me was very exciting to me, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you fine people, as I am now.¬† Of course, being the social person I am, I proceeded to tell her I was about to begin that exact book, and she prompted me that it was a very good book, sad, but good.¬† I found after reading it that I disagreed.¬† In my opinion, the Author did not write it in a sad way.¬† More factual, but with a general feeling of the author overcoming unbeatable odds, ‘horrible parenting’, and with a happy ending if you ask me.¬† All’s well that ends well, right?¬† She is a current contributor to CNN and MSNBC, so I can’t say her life ended all that badly.

The second book, I was more than pleasantly surprised with as well.¬† I read “How to be Good” for the duration of both my flights to Nashville and back, and I have all intentions of finishing it soon.¬† It is a great look into human nature, and the very subject of “how to be good” as the title says.¬† It is a funny perspective of a doctor struggling with the fact that she may not be a very good person, compared to her newly spiritually transformed husband, despite having to ‘look at people’s boils’ and such day in and day out.¬† And she uses the fact that she has to do such things as a leveling ground for any bad thoughts or actions she may have.¬† It is very interesting, and I reccommend it highly.

Now we are done with the book section of this post, I can move on to the fun stuff…clothes:)¬† That’s what it’s really all about in the end, right?


I got this beautiful lime green Ann Taylor Loft sweater for $5.99 in perfect condition at my local Goodwill boutique.  And I have gotten good use out of it so far at work in my sweet little classroom where I work each day:)


I got this scarf as well for $2 on another trip to the same Goodwill.  Cynthia Rowley from Target.


Lastly, I got this bracelet along with two other ones of the same style but different color beads that you can wear as a set of 3 for $2 total.¬† That’s right, $2 total.¬† The other bracelets not pictured are a coral orange color, and a light purple.¬† Love.

And all together now…



Oh, and that’s my sweet dog admiring my thriftiness and fashion sense.¬† He wants to be like me.¬† Someday.

During my last Nashville trip, I had to make sure I visited the Goodwill that kept me well dressed for the last couple of years I was there, and it once again did not dissappoint.  I found three lovely items in one trip.

December 2012 043

A sparkly, warm, brown oversized short sleeve sweater from Express, $5.99.  And the original tag was still on it when I bought it, so it has never been worn before.  Brand new.  I wore it with skinny jeans and brown boots and a long sleeve shirt underneath for a comfy and fashionable look for less!

December 2012 046

December 2012 047

A Bar III dress for $5.99.¬†¬† Can’t wait to put this one to use.

December 2012 048 December 2012 049

And a Forver XXI green and white babydoll business casual top, $4.29.¬† I have worn it to work with a white cardigan¬†and tan¬†slacks with the off-white patent leather Talbots flats I purchased at Goodwill in October for $8. (see Alex’s 6th Birthday Trip Post in¬†October)¬† Wearing two items in one outfit from Goodwill is always a good day!

Lastly, everyone needs a good Cinderella shoe to put atop their dresser correct?¬† Correct.¬† I have yet to figure what I am going to store inside it, although judging by the look of the top of my dresser, I’m sure I could just start there.¬† I’ll take other suggestions though:)¬† I got this shoe at a steal for $2.


I hope you enjoyed looking at and hearing about these finds as I did finding them and using them!  Go out and see what you can find for much, much less!  And tell me about it!

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