Some History in Lexington, KY at the Mary Todd Lincoln House, Thanks to Goodwill

todd 4

DKNY Skinny jeans- $7.49, representin’ at the Mary Todd Lincoln house in Lexington, KY, Goodwill

Unpictured- “Henry and Clara”, a novel, .99, Goodwill in CT.

Who’s that sexy tourist in DKNY skinny blue jeans?  (hey, if you can’t pay yourself compliments, then who can?  I’m aware that question doesn’t make much sense)

It’s me.

I’m so excited about this picture and everything about it for one main reason- the reason I am where I am in this picture as well as the clothing in it are BOTH owed to Goodwill.  This picture is of me visiting the home of the late Mary Todd Lincoln, an experience I am so thankful to have had, but would never have happened if it hadn’t been for a novel called “Henry and Clara” that I picked up and couldn’t put back down at Goodwill last August.

Not only was the book amazing, but it thankfully broke my 1-2 year reading dry spell that I had sadly been on.  It was about Henry and Clara Rathbone, the two people sitting in the booth with Abraham Lincoln when he was assassinated by one John Wilkes Booth.  It is a gripping, tragic, controversial love story as well as informative historical recounting of those turbulent times in our country’s history that will have anyone who reads it gripped.  Who knew how interesting their stories were?  Well I am glad one person did and decided to write this amazing and informative novel, allowing me to look like a huge dork being excited about historical dead people when talking to friends about my life… So If you love History, Abraham Lincoln, or just looking at words on paper at all, you’ve GOT to give this one a try.

While the story is about Henry and Clara Rathbone, Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary were not surprisingly large parts of the story as well, as there would be no book without them.  I always grow very close to the characters (er in this case…real people….?) in the books that I read.  So when I found out that Mary Todd Lincoln’s house, where she spent ages 14-22 of her life and visited later on with Abe, was in the very town of Lexington, KY that I happened to be visiting for a couple days, I was quite ecstatic.  I couldn’t wait to get there and stand on the very same ground that she had.

If she was alive, this may be considered stalking.  Lucky for me, she isn’t, so I’m safe for the moment.

I stood on the ground, and you can now view the excitement of that happening at your leisure in the picture I have posted above.

But without Goodwill, I wouldn’t know of Mary Todd, or be excited about her house in Lexington, KY, where I happened to be visiting.  And it would have been just another historical landmark on the side of the road I would have driven right by.

Assuming I was on that road for some other reason.  If not, I would have not even driven by it, but I didn’t know what else to say so I said “I would have just driven by.”

I also wouldn’t have had any pants on.

Well, that may be false.  I’m sure I would have put something on, but they wouldn’t have been these great DKNY skinny died blue jeans.

THE POINT IS- the reach of Goodwill knows no bounds in my life.  🙂  And I am so thankful for that.

I’m also sure the late First Lady would have appreciated my frugality at her residence.

Actually- I know that’s not true- the book talked of her great opulence in what she spent on her clothing and fashions, sometimes ridiculous amounts.

Look at me!  Look what I know about Abraham Lincoln’s wife’s dressing habits!  I’m so impressed.

(There I go again with the compliments.) I’ve gotten used to it.

They had tours at the house, but they were an hour long and we were on a time crunch, so we left sans tour and some history learning that may have happened, but most likely with a happier boyfriend.  He did not read the book, so I’m SURE did not share my excitement for this old wood structure on the side of the road that housed some people at some point.  I did read it, and so did share in my own excitement quite a bit.

Here are a few more pictures of the grounds, and the lovely sign saying, “this building is of importance- take note” outside.  Pictures are not allowed inside, so I obliged the rules and kept my finger clicking to the exterior.  The gardens were at least quite pretty though.


todd 2

todd 3

And there ya have it.  Thanks to Goodwill, I read this great book and found out about Mary Todd Lincoln, the controversial love story and lives of Henry and Clara Rathbone who were in the booth with Abe that night, and so much more.

Next on my list…Natchitoches, LA, the setting for Cane River, one of my favorite historical fiction novels about four generations of slavery and then early emancipation.  Its only just over 10 hours away…somehow I just haven’t gathered the courage or time to make that visit yet.  I’ll keep you posted….

….as I’m sure I’ll be wearing or using something Goodwill when the time arrives.

Happy thrifting and living,

❤ Jaime



Safety First, Cuteness Always

Safety First, Cuteness Always

.99 shirt by Mossimo from Goodwill
Heart shaped sunglasses- 12.99 from a boutique in New Orleans

I’ve decided the best kind of souvenir you can get is one that you can wear. Surprising, huh?:). I still love my burnt orange earrings I got from a boutique in the Mission district in San Francisco, and I get to think about that wonderful trip every time I wear them. And I get to talk about it when people compliment the earrings. It’s a win win.

This cute shirt was a steal at a .99 Wednesday at Goodwill a couple months ago. And it was Froommate (that is a word I made up for a friend that is a roommate) approved as well when she saw me wearing it while getting ready in the bathroom this am. Morning is simply too long to type out.

Side note- we have a two sinked bathroom. How cool is that. Kind of weird since we are just two girls- but instead of his and hers, it’s hers and hers, and I love it:). That’s really all I have to say about that, but I think it’s cool we each get our own sink. I’ve never had my own whole sink before. Now if that doesn’t make you feel accomplished I don’t know what will.

Well actually, I can think of quite a few things…your own Lamborghini…your own house…your own dresser set…I guess I’ll start with a sink for now 🙂

Don’t forget to check out the special sale days at your local thrift store! My friend got a Lauren Conrad dress for .99 at a .99 Goodwill day recently!! You never know!!

Happy thrifting and living,

Jaime ❤


Fun in New Orleans

Fun in New Orleans

I had the pleasure last Thursday-Saturday of spending a couple days in New Orleans with some of my favorite gal pals.

Oh my! Those two last words rhyme. Wouldja look at that.

Anyway, I’ve mentioned liking Nashville’s location so much because there are several cool cities within driving distance, New Orleans being under 8 hours.

My friend knew someone who owned…i mean owns…we didn’t break in on who currently lives there now- a condo in the French Quarter, so we stayed there free of charge. It was nice.

We were walking around the Garden District, as it is called, on Friday, and as I walked by this red door I couldn’t pass up the photo op. it would have been a sin.

And surprise of surprises, my outfit that day (minus the sandals) was entirely Goodwill. I have posted about both items already, the green jacket with hurricane collar ($5.99), and the old navy ankle zipper light blue jean capris (.99. yes you read that right). Underneath the jacket, not visible to the naked, or just the absolutely normal, eye, is a blue flowery loose (flowery. loose. favorite words) racer back tank I got in CT last year for…cheap. Silly me was not thinking about this blog and to unzip the jacket before the picture so y’all could see it!

Still worth a post though.

The girl is my good friend Rion, who has been the photographer a time or two for pictures for this blog. So there she is. Photog extraordinaire.

New Orleans was beautiful and quaint and there were beads everywhere:). I would go again for sure. And not just to model my Goodwill clothes.

Happy thrifting and traveling!



Peace Is Looking Out On The Pacific

Peace Is Looking Out On The Pacific

Stinson Beach, California

Yellow lightweight cotton hoodie, The Gap, from Goodwill, 4.99

Brown khaki shorts No-Boundaries/Wal-Mart, from Goodwill, .99

I saw the Pacific Ocean!!!!!

Breathtaking. There are no words.

But this is a blog, so I shall try.

The coast line is majestic and grand and awe and peace inspiring. Hundred plus foot cliffs jutting out of the water for as far as you can see. I imagine it is close to what the coast of Ireland looks like. something I’ve always wanted to see. And then blue sky and water for as far as you can see next to it.

We drove up from Oakland to Stinson Beach yesterday, where this picture was taken, about and hour north of San Francisco, after hiking at Muir Woods National Park among the Redwoods. I felt like a midget in a fairyland for a day. They were so big.

I’ll never forget the drive up the windy Rt 1 (and not just because of my car sickness) along the Pacific and my first sighting of those cliffs and the ocean.

And I was glad Goodwill was there to keep me clothed and fashionable while doing it.


On Vacation- San Francisco Treat :-)

On Vacation- San Francisco Treat :-)

So I wanted to just write a quick post to let everyone know I am on vacation (since Wednesday) until Tuesday in beautiful Oakland, CA and San Francisco. And when I get back I will start sharing lovely finds again, but until then I’ll try and post some pictures from this trip. The only problem is that from my phone I only know how to post one picture at a time, so I will painfully have to choose one! Most of them are on my Canon, but I do have some awesome ones on my phone as well- it’s San Fran!! Beautiful out here.

This picture is of Lombardy St. I’m sure all of you know of San Francisco’s hilly reputation (it’s crazy!!!) well it’s true. This street is SO steep that they had to make it windy so cars could drive down it. They filled the area between each twist and turn with beautiful gardens, and that with the city and the bay and bay bridge in the background is just breathtaking.

This is the ‘view from the top’.

From here we walked back down to Fisherman’s wharf, which is another great little touristy area. There we saw a seal hangout area- so cool! At least 50 of ’em congregated bathing in the sun or trying to stir up trouble with some other seals. The way they can throw their huge bodies just right up out of the water onto a dock or rock is amazing! I could watch those guys for hours.