More than just home decor and vintage tops…

More than just home decor and vintage tops...

I have been known to acquire workout/activewear at the Goodwills as well from time to time.

A list for you of my winnings:

2 long sleeve workout tops, one with a hood
1 pair running shorts
Danskin zip up hooded jacket
And now…

A new with tags fitted sportswear jacket by Lucy.


If this means nothing to you at the moment, no worries, that’s about as much as it meant to me. The original $89 price tag still attached (and the great fit and make of course) however, meant quite a bit. So for $5.99, I scooped it up.

My size, and I workout regularly, why wouldn’t I?

When I mentioned it to my mother when I came home for Christmas, she had a little different reaction:


K, maybe she MIGHT know a little who Lucy is.

And like maybe she wished it had been in her stocking that Christmas….(The thought had fleetingly crossed my mind) Well she can just get over it, because she still made out pretty with two great Goodwill tops- a burnt yellow one and a maroon sweater (I just realized I imposed my favorite colors on her) by Mossimo.

Anyway, I now have two wonderful workout jackets, because in my stocking was a wonderful purple one with all kinda of fun patterns and textures all over it, perfect for my ADD fashion personality.

She also gave me a ring that she had thought hard about keeping, so clearly, she comes out as the better person in both these situations. K, got it.

Well, now y’all know, I am the proud owner of a Lucy jacket, for just $5.99.

How bout them apples?

Happy thrifting!

Do y’all buy workout wear at thrift stores?

-Jaime ❤



Its Summer Time

…and I don’t care what the calendar says.

$8 beach chair, origially $20+ from Target.  

On March 31, I got to lay out in this pink beauty in 84 degree sunny weather. 

Excuse the GIANT sweat marks… I do sweat when I sunbathe, but not that much.  I was particularly sweaty because I had just worked out at the downtown Y in these fine shorts:

Yellow Nike mesh short shorts, 4.29, also from Goodwill.

Sorry about the blurriness of the second picture, but I had to get the side view to show you those neat white stripes….and I dont mean the band:)  Jack White is not hanging out on my shorts.  As awesome and weird as that would be.

These yellow shorts complete the outfit with my bright orange top wonderfully, don’t ya think?  If the gym decided to have brightest workout outfit contest, I’d surely win with this.  And I can sleep well knowing that. 

You can also see that I moved my gym picture taking into the bathroom this time.  I don’t want to get a reputation…  unless that reputation is ‘girl that wears the brightest oufits’ of course:)

Now I would have loved to have laid out at the rooftop pool after my workout, but something I don’t get about Tennessee is they regularly do not open most outdoor pools until Memorial Day.  This would be appropriate in my home state, of Conecticut, but not in TN!! It has regularly been 80 degrees by the end of March since I moved here 2 1/2 years ago.  I don’t know if the pool keepers and powers that be are shocked and surprised each year when this warm weather ocurs, but I would really appreciate to maximize my sunbathing at the area pools, and they are not helping that cause:)

So, I worked out, laid out, and….ate out?   Well, no, I ate in, but it was still delicious:

The top picture is my whole wheat Trader Joe’s pita filled with turkey, spinach, avocado, hummus, and tomatoes:)  Mmmmmm heaven. in. my. mouth.  And stomach.  We’ll stop there:)

 The bottom picture is my instagram sponsored snapshot of my gobbled up pear and sandwich.  Which was sitting next to me in my beautiful pink beach chair. 

And that, my friends, is my recipe for a healthy, beautiful, Goodwill sponsored “summer” day. 

What are your plans for these warm, summer months?  Extra activity or extra relaxing? 

I say a little bit of both!!

Workout Wear and Dresses for Spring!


I apologize, I have been to Goodwill a couple times since I last posted, but haven’t shared the wealth!  I would like to change that.

Today, I found this lovely workout top by Champion, I am assuming from Target, for $4.29:

Price at the store, probably just under $20.  Do I really need to point out the average 75% discount anymore I get off of retail?  I didn’t think so. 

Do I think people were judging me because I was taking a picture of myself in the mirror instead of working out?  Maybe, but they were also probably admiring my cute top.  So, it’s a win really.  I also may bank on this fact for any weird thing that I do….you can do whatever you want as long as you look cute doing it, right?  Right.  That’s what I thought.

Here is a view of the back:

And now you know I have a super flowery and girly quilt.  I love it. 

Pre-sprint workout pic.  Not sure about the sly little grin, I guess I felt pretty good about how this workout was gonna go.  I was right.

Post-sprints.  Not as attractive, slightly redder, definitely happier:)  And if you can’t tell, the shirt held up just fine.  Score one….million for Goodwill finds!

I also have to share some pics of the wonderful downtown Nashville YMCA that I go to.  I love it because it has huge windows on each side so you get great views of downtown while you work out.  There is also a rooftop pool in the summer and rooftop track open year round.  It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.

View from downstairs.

View from the upstairs indoor track that I sometimes run on.  It has wall to wall windows on two sides.  So its almost like you’re outside, kinda, but with controlled air conditioned weather and no rain.   

So that is where I workout.  Now ya know.  You’re welcome. 

Not done yet!  I still have to show you my wonderful dresses that I found a couple weeks ago for Spring.  There are three to be exact.

Number One:

Ya Los Angeles green military inspired zipper dress, $7.99. 

I have already gotten at least two compliments on this dress, while wearing it.  I felt the need to point that out for some reason, as if I regularly have people trolling my closets and complimenting my clothes.  Not the case, not the case.

Warning: Do not hang out around friends who like to unzip this dress when you are not looking.  It can end badly.  I’m not saying this did or did not happen to me, but it did.  And it ended somewhat badly. 

Number Two:

Navy Blue Forever XXI Wrap Dress with frilly chest, $7.99

I mean, really?  $7.99.  You don’t dresses like this for $7.99.  Doesn’t it just knock your socks off?  It did mine.  Literally, I kicked them off so that I could see what this dress looked like without them:)  And it is Forever 21.  Show me a girl who doesn’t shop at Forever 21…No, really, and then I can take her there and rock her world.  She may be overwhelmed at first, but then she will find something for under $20 that she will use ALL the time and just love, and she too will understand. 

Warning:  Do not walk over blowing air vents downtown for the high probability of having a non-desired Marylin Monroe induced dress incident where your dress blows up to showcase areas not meant to be showcased to those around you.  I’m not saying this did or did not happen to me, but it also did.  And thanks to my amazingly quick reflexes, it didn’t end too badly.  The family that was walking behind me MAY disagree.   :-/

You live, you learn.  My favorite motto.

Number Three:

Green flowy dress.  No label.  $7.99

It looks a little shapeless on the hanger, but very nice on.  And the waist can be worn at your natural waist, or around your hips, which gives a couple options, and I love options!!  And I’m sure the light weightedness of this will come in handy on those 100 degree humid Tennessee summer days….just a hunch. 

I have no warning yet for this one, but I do foresee the tie straps across the shoulders being a problem.  Let’s hope I am not right.  I clearly did not think the riskiness of these dress purchases through!  🙂

That’s it for now. 

What finds have you found lately? 

Are you ready for spring with some new spring wardrobe purchases?

Do you love your gym as much as me? 

I hope so!