’20’s swag purse from Forever 21, whole outfit $31.

'20's swag purse from Forever 21, whole outfit $31.

Small Forever 21 purse- Goodwill, $3.99
NY&Co jeggings- Goodwill, $7.99
Blowfish Booties- Goodwill, $2.99 at a half off Saturday
Maroon shirt- Burlington coat factory, $9.98
Black Sheer Cardigan- $5.99

Altogether that is under $31 for everything I’m wearing.

This post is about my newest item, the cute little purse, that I got yesterday just on a random stop in, not looking for anything in particular, that I can remember.

The night before however, after going to a friends show in East Nashville, and people watching, or style watching I should call it, everyone there, I decided I needed a new small purse for ‘going out’. Just big enough for the essentials- ID, card, phone, lip gloss and chap stick. all fit perfectly. I have a decent small purse I got at a yard sale for $5, that I of course have gotten multiple compliments on ;), but wanted something a little fancier. For not fancy money.

Enter this thin gold chained small quilted pleather circle purse, from Forever 21, for $3.99. In my cart, in my bag, in my house, out to dinner at Mere Bulles.

My friend is moving to fairer temperatures south, and he worked at a nice restaurant and he had a free dinner for two there that he had never used. Lucky me I got to be the plus one. Nothing better than a free filet mignon topped with bleu cheese butter. Accompanied by a nice cabernet blend by Trione. Yup, I just checked, there’s nothing better. It was the perfect place to debut my new sidekick. Although not big enough to stick some free bread in.

I kid I kid :).

The bread wasn’t that impressive.

I also got a bigger purse I’m pretty excited about that I will share in another post soon I’m sure. Not as pretty, but definitely more practical. Hard to be both it seems.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy thrifting and living!:)

-Jaime ❤


Lady In Red Guess Jacket, Flower Jersey Shirt

Lady In Red Guess Jacket, Flower Jersey Shirt

Red Pea Coat- Guess Brand at Goodwill
Flower Jersey Knit Shirt- .99, Target at Goodwill

Everyone is feeling the cold…and bringing their winter Goodwill wear out. Or maybe that’s just the people I hang out with.

I like when I meet a girl and she is more than happy to sit on a beer barrel and let me take her picture for my ‘blog’. I didn’t use the quotes when I asked her, she may not have been so quick to oblige.

But when someone tells me they got their beautiful red pea coat, Guess brand no less, at Goodwill, that’s it, they made the blog. Whether they like it or not.

Of course she has to share the spotlight with me 🙂 And my new beautiful flower long sleeve jersey knit shirt, that I got for .99 last Wednesday. I’ve already worn it twice. Originally from Target.

It looks like I’m laughing at her…which, I am. Well, not AT her, but at something she had said. That made me laugh at her. Us Goodwill shoppers are funny. It comes with the territory.

Hope you liked these finds:). Go out and get ya some!:)

Til next time,

-Jaime ❤


The dress did not work…

The dress did not work...

Oversized sweater- $3, old navy at Goodwill

In keeping spring here. And as you can see I’m not completely happy about it. It’s a high of 45 here today, and it was lightly flurrying when I walked outside this am. Not too worried here though, because now I don’t have to wait until next winter to be comfortable in this great oversized sweater, originally Old navy, that I got at Goodwill just last week for 2.99. It was the color of the week, and so it was half off its 5.99 price tag. That is a STEAL.

2.99 for a big sweater like that. And as I have mentioned before, this is the ‘style’ in Nashville, which I love and support- oversized, kind of grungy hippy loose yet pretty clothing. So this with some skinny jeans (you have to balance out the large sweater with something!) and these casual wallabee shoes make for a great Nashville outfit, I think. Or at least it’s great for me, on a cold ‘winter’ day…four days after the official start of Spring. I’ll never understand weather.

Sweaters like this that I have wanted go for $48-68 at Urban Outfitters. While it may not be exactly the same sweater, it’s comfy and big and a nice red, and it will more than do the job, so I’ll take any other small differences at a price tag of $3!!!

Happy thrifting, hope your weather is a little better where you are than mine is:)

-Jaime ❤


Fun in New Orleans Cont.- Full Outfit Picture

Fun in New Orleans Cont.- Full Outfit Picture

Capris- Old navy, .99
Shirt- don’t know, .99
Jacket- $5.99

Silly me. I was too distracted by the red door photo op pic that I posted in my last post that I didn’t realize I had a great picture with me and my jacket open to reveal my shirt, and of course the gang of hooligans that spent the weekend together (minus one who is taking this picture, sorry Kelly 😦 ).

This is taken on the trolley tracks going through town, while we were waiting to be whisked back to the French quarter, boutique bags in hand. What a good weekend:).

So here you see the flower tank, green jacket, and capris, altogether under….


Man I’m good. I know how to give myself a compliment when it’s deserved.


After this picture we took another picture where we acted like the Beatles and walked across in a straight line. No thanks to my broken computer, I can only post one picture at a time 😦 so I can’t share that awesome cuteness with y’all. It’s a fun picture, you’ll have to take my word for it. Ok?

Well I’m glad I FINALLY got y’all the full outfit picture, I feel much better 🙂

And now I can leave New Orleans behind- blog wise at least, never in my heart.

Happy thrifting y’all!!!:)



Fun in New Orleans

Fun in New Orleans

I had the pleasure last Thursday-Saturday of spending a couple days in New Orleans with some of my favorite gal pals.

Oh my! Those two last words rhyme. Wouldja look at that.

Anyway, I’ve mentioned liking Nashville’s location so much because there are several cool cities within driving distance, New Orleans being under 8 hours.

My friend knew someone who owned…i mean owns…we didn’t break in on who currently lives there now- a condo in the French Quarter, so we stayed there free of charge. It was nice.

We were walking around the Garden District, as it is called, on Friday, and as I walked by this red door I couldn’t pass up the photo op. it would have been a sin.

And surprise of surprises, my outfit that day (minus the sandals) was entirely Goodwill. I have posted about both items already, the green jacket with hurricane collar ($5.99), and the old navy ankle zipper light blue jean capris (.99. yes you read that right). Underneath the jacket, not visible to the naked, or just the absolutely normal, eye, is a blue flowery loose (flowery. loose. favorite words) racer back tank I got in CT last year for…cheap. Silly me was not thinking about this blog and to unzip the jacket before the picture so y’all could see it!

Still worth a post though.

The girl is my good friend Rion, who has been the photographer a time or two for pictures for this blog. So there she is. Photog extraordinaire.

New Orleans was beautiful and quaint and there were beads everywhere:). I would go again for sure. And not just to model my Goodwill clothes.

Happy thrifting and traveling!



Beckoning Spring, and Goodwill’s Wonderful Mission

Beckoning Spring, and Goodwill's Wonderful Mission

Teal Dress- Pins and Needles/Urban Outfitters, at Goodwill for 7.99

Spring is taking its sweet time to arrive in Nashville this year. Sweet sweet time and I am not appreciating it. I am reveling in the few days we have had so far this march that it’s been warm enough to sit and enjoy my back patio. My other three years’ experience in this city, doing that activity, or lack thereof, is a regular occurrence by now.

As I am sitting here, the lady on the corner selling the newspaper written by the homeless, is shouting, “are you enjoying the good weather?! Enjoy the good weather!’ I think she’s liking it.

Anyway, they’re predicting flurries this weekend. :(.

I’m sure it will end soon. It has to at some point right?

But I am going to welcome this nice day with open arms, and hopefully make it comfortable to stay longer, with this lovely teal eyelet and flowered covered dress I got from Goodwill yesterday for 7.99, originally by Pins and Needles sold at Urban Outfitters, for around $58-$68. No one that sees me needs to know the price difference.

It’s a perfect size 8. Well, perfect for me to wear. Had it not been my size I would have bought it anyway and sold it on eBay.

I sold two Anthropologie dresses I got for 7.99 each last week, for about $20 more than that each. I will forego that profit to look and feel this good ;). And hopefully get spring to come and STAY in the process.

Sidenote- here is my little venting session. I went to platos closet yesterday (a store where you can sell your clothes and buy other people’s) and I overheard a lady have the AUDACITY to say (in my presence, no less), “you see, I like y’all better, because Goodwill just gets all the profit. 100% profit.”

Oh no she didn’t. (My ghetto side came out)

I said, “excuse me ma’am, but Goodwill is a non-profit organization that helps support disabled people finding work. They don’t just keep that profit.” Idiot. I kept that last part inside my head and mouth.

She turned to her friend and said, “was I talking to her?”

No, no, you weren’t talking to me. But I was talking to you. You’re welcome, and now maybe you won’t make such ignorant comments.

SO- just in case anyone out there DOESN’T know, Goodwill is a non-profit organization, with their main goal being helping people, disabled, and just those having trouble finding work, to gain a job and fulfillment in their life. This would touch me regardless, but it means more being the sister of a differently abled younger brother, I am very pleased with their work. So no, they don’t just ‘keep all that profit’. As they say, every dollar spent there helps someone find work. Which is why it’s even easier for me to explain away a bad purchase there.

Those pants didn’t quite work out? That’s fine, despite my large butt, I still helped someone gain employment and self sufficiency, so it will be ok.

So shop and thrift happy! Even if its not Goodwill, most thrift stores support a great cause, so find out what it is and know what you’re fashion-aholicism is supporting.

Til next time,



Sick Day –> off to Goodwill for .99 Wednesday

 Brown button up tank- Gap, .99

Green Jeans- Hermosa, .99

Capris with ankle zipped- Old navy, .99

Ok, I have to share this unrelated silliness first, as I just typed the word ‘Wednesday’. On Facebook last night I saw one of those hilarious pictures of a serious man with a saying on it that said “I don’t always write the word Wednesday, but when I do, I think ‘Wed-nes-day’.” And I did. And now it’s spelled correctly for you. Hahaha.

Anyway, I woke up with a sore throat yesterday morning, nothing day stopping, but when you’re supposed to record a vocal for a demo of a song you wrote, it kind of puts that on hold, so I had a little free time to go around the corner to Goodwill. It was .99 wed-nes-day after all. Why would I go to my other job early? Nope, I’ll go there as when expected, and shop at Goodwill in the meantime.

I also was going going looking for some items to sell on the electronic bay, eBay if you will. And I found a couple anthropoligie dressed…luckily a size XS and S so there is no temptation to keep. I’ll post a picture of them and you can head over to place your bid if you’d like! They are sundresses by Lilka.

But the .99 color of the week had a few things for me as well.

Like these great green pants. .99 by hermosa. (That means pretty or handsome in Spanish, if you don’t know. That dawned on me while I was typing that.)

And this great button up sleeveless blouse from the Gap for .99 was sitting in the dressing room I went in. Thank you.

Also, I got some great light blue jean capris, with a small zipper on each ankle hem (my favorite part) for .99.

Coincidentally enough, or not so coincidental in my case, the flats pictured are also Goodwill, from another trip. I was so happy when I found them because they resembled some Steve Madden flats I had once Upon a time that I either stupidly got rid of in a cleaning spree, or lost in a move. But one day realized I no longer had them. But now I have these.

Not pictured for .99 as well are some boot cut jeans from Old navy. Not amazing, but do the trick. And I’ve been needing some just comfortable throw on jeans to go to the dog park or what not in. Happy about that.

It was a good Wednesday trip and I can’t wait to share my other finds with you soon enough, they’re good!

Happy thrifting,