Teal Statement Vase and Vintage Plate as Butter Dish



The first time I came upon this lovely large vase, I passed on it.  9.99, despite being much lower than the 40ish I’d pay at a first hand store, seemed too high.  The second time apparently it struck me as just right and it went in my shopping cart, then my car, and then home to sit here forever.  Or until I move.  Which will probably be in about 6 months.

Pre-vase, we had these twigs sitting in an empty St. Germain carafe (St. Germain is an elderflower liqueur used in lots of craft cocktails these days).  This was appropriate and very cool in the absence of a nice vase like this, being the bartender that I am, but that now sits empty at the moment on the windowsill and this vase gets center stage.  Deservedly so.

It’s in perfect teal condition, with no marks or scratches.


I also got this lovely ‘butter dish’, for my purposes at least, for .49.  Can’t beat that!  I was having trouble finding an ACTUAL butter dish, you know- in the shape of a stick of butter with a lid to keep those butter eating pests out, preferably from the 1940’s or before.  So I thought what better excuse to look for a cute vintage small plate to use on my counter.  Turns out there aren’t very many fly eating pests, and my butter has been quite safe, and very stylish I might add, sans lid, on my counter.  I haven’t gotten sick yet.  But I have gotten happy.  Every time I catch a glimpse of this dish in my kitchen activities.

Its always fun to think of alternate uses for pretty things in your house.  I am pleased with this one.

Happy thrifting and living,

❤ Jaime


A Touch of Paris For Ya

A Touch of Paris For Ya

Paris themed wall art, 1.99

Yes, 1.99. The lady at the register even made a comment when checking me out. Maybe a price tag got mixed somewhere, who knows, but that’s what it said. And that’s what I paid.

I’ve always loved European/Paris themed art to hang on my walls. Can’t ever have enough of that relaxed and easy way of life influence that they seem to foster over there. And we have some big bare spaces to fill in my living room, so I knew this would work, at least for the time being.

When thrifting, people usually think of and go straight to clothing, but it’s good to remember not to underestimate the home goods section. Many practical and/or just decorative items can be found there for, of course, great prices.

I have gotten dishes, glasses, tupperware pots and pans, lamps, a toaster…you name it I have probably gotten it there. For a fraction of the cost I would pay at a first hand retail store. I love saving money.

Now, if I wasn’t posting this post from my phone and could share more than one picture, I would show you the wonderful chili I made the other night, in a large skillet I purchased a year ago at Goodwill for 1.99. It has served me and my stomach very well. Many a wonderful food creation it has aided into being:)

So remember home goods next time you make a trip or stop!

Happy thrifting, living, and eating:)